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Sep 22, 2006 12:04 AM

I want to smoke a goat

Well not a whole goat, but whole cuts of goat meat.

Anyone know of any resources in So Cal that sell whole cuts of goat meat?

Thanks in advance,

Cosmo M

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  1. I would recommend the butcher at any one of the mexican grocery store chains around LA. You'll probably have to order in advance for a whole goat, but they might have goat parts readily available.

    There are others, but I shop at this one (mostly because it's convenient):

    1. Have seen goat at halal butchers, Asian grocery stores, Mexican grocery stores, etc...

      1. Yup! You have to order one in advance, especially if you want it fresh. I dunno where the Asian Stores get their goat, but often it's frozen! :P


        1. I'm Taiwanese. Asian markets are ok for goat, but your best bet is a Middle Eastern market or halal butcher for high quality, fresh goat. Halal butchers in particular are used to handling requests for whole goat or entire parts, and can usually get you what you need in a very reasonable amount of time. I actually had an instance where we were doing a pit-cooked whole goat, and I was able to get one the day after I ordered it.

          My favorite local halal butcher is Wholesome Choice in Irvine, a large market which serves a predominantly Asian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European market base.

          Wholesome Choice Market
          18040 Culver Dr
          Irvine, CA 92612

          - Chubbypanda

          1. I thin kyou win for best message title so far. I have nothing to add to your topic but sure enjoyed reading your title :-)

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              First, you get a rolling paper the size of a bedsheet...