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Sep 21, 2006 11:53 PM

Caper question

I've never used them. I bought a jar today- they appear to be pickled.
WHat do you like to use them for/with?

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  1. They're great for puttanesca sauces; for mashing into bagel schmears (esp. with salmon and dill); on top of any kind of creamy cheese; in chicken piccata...

    1. One standard use is in lemon-caper sauces for bland-ish meat, like chicken breast or veal scallops. There are two types: pickled, or preserved in salt. Mario Batali insists the salt-preserved ones are better because once you rinse the salt off, what's left is caper flavor, rather than vinegar, but I don't know if this makes a whole lot of difference or is just one of his quirks, like preferring salted anchovies over anchovies in oil.

      1. Good with any mild white fish. Makes a nice addition to a light sauce using lemon & white wine.

        1. They're also really nice fried or sauteed.

          1. Spencer,

            Saute a little butter, white wine, fresh parsley and the capers - serve over chicken with a little grated Parm.

            For brunch served buffet style: put out a plate of smoked salmon, a basket of bagels or small pumpernickel bread, diced purple onion, and the capers. Folks can then build their own bagel and lox...ymmm.

            Soak the capers (regardless if they're packed in salt or brine), changing water frequently, otherwise they'll be too salty/vinegery.
            Good luck.