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Sep 21, 2006 11:47 PM

What can I serve with asparagus risotto? (friends do not eat fish)

What can I serve with asparagus risotto? (friends do not eat fish)

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  1. Alongside the risotto? How about balsamic chicken? or chicken with sage? Or you could make the risotto the main focus of the meal (well, more than it will be!) and add a few veggies/salads on the side. If you have fresh tomatoes, you could make a caprese salad and then maybe a green leafy salad too. I usually do something like that when I cook risotto for my veggie friends.

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      oh sound fabulous! i have basil and tomatoes at home. i would just need to get some mozzarella. do you think green leafy salad, caprese salad, and the risotto would work? or do you think the caprese along with the risotto would be too much cheese?

      1. re: shaydoss

        Too much cheese? Never! LOL, I guess I don't see that as a problem, but if you're concerned, you could use a bit less parm. in the risotto--or do two slices of tomato per slice of fresh mozz., which may work better in a group anyhow.

    2. You could serve poached eggs on top of the risotto - it's absolutely decadent and you can poach the eggs ahead of time.

      1. Risotto = warm, creamy, soft, cheesy flavors

        Serve the risotto first and finish with a cool and crisp salad like a little gem salad with grapes and walnuts or endive with lemon and parsley.