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Cooking school in SF?

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Hello, long time reader, first time poster. I wanted to pick the collective chowhound brain on what would be a good place to take some cooking classes. I'm interested in the basics, like knife skills and such. Thanks!

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  1. Kitchen on Fire's supposed to be very good, in Berkeley. I'd also recommend the Sur la Table Knife Skills Class--it's once a month, and a terrific class.

    1. It's in the East Bay, but you should check out Kitchen on Fire.


      Local food blogger and Chowhound poster Shuna frequently holds knife skills classes:


      1. Thanks, they both look really interesting, I may even venture out to Berkeley for the Kitchen on Fire class!

          1. Definitely check out Tante Marie's (www.tantemarie.com). They are really the only school in the city of SF that has hands-on cooking classes. IMO, you can't learn real skills by watching someone else do the cooking. It's fun and entertaining but, to really 'get it' you need to do it in class and this is what happens at the majority of the classes there...

            Have heard mixed things about Kitchen on Fire but I do want to check it out. Also curious about the new Cheese School on Pacific/Polk-anyone been?

            1. Tante Marie is hands down the best in bay area. Amazing teachers, great classes, always a lot of fun. The only problem (depending on your budget) is that they can be quite expensive. Totally worth it in my opinion - but still very pricey.

              I've also taken classes at the CCA which were fun and very hands on, but the classes are pretty large. Still totally worth taking.

              I've taken classes at Sur la Table (both in Union Square, SF and on 4th st., Berkeley) as well and there it really depends on your teacher. I had a couple great classes from Linda Carucci, but she's now working at Copia so I don't know who to suggest.

              Finally I tried out Kitchen on Fire a couple of weeks ago. I had a great time, the classes are totally disorganized and I didn't learn much but everyone was happy and laughing and Oliver is a complete character and was kissing everyone good-bye by the end of it.

              Overall - I end up enjoying pretty much every cooking class. I find that people who enjoy food and take the classes tend to be friendly and warm and are a great group to be surrounded by. So have fun!

              1. I took Basics I and II courses at Tante Marie and was really satisfied with the quality of the education, ingredients, experience. Small classes, and each ends in a dinner party! Jodi Liano is an excellent teacher, if she is still there.

                1. I've heard that the culinary program at City College is excellent but I'm not sure if you can take classes on an individual basis.

                  It's worth checking out...if they do you'll spend much less $ than anywhere else!

                  1. Draeger's Market in San Mateo and Menlo Park offer cooking classes taught by well-respected members of the culinary community. See website and click on "classes" link to find out the scope of the classes offered and the prices: