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Dodgers Game Tonite: ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT

I've been "invited" to tonite's Dodgers Game, with a very cozy seat in the right field pavillion.

The catch? It's all-you-can-eat night out there in right field.

Selections include:

• Dodger Dogs
• Nachos
• Peanuts
• Popcorn
• Coca-Cola products
• Water

(Beer, ice-cream, and candy not included)

It's been a while since I've actually gone to a Dodgers game and not sat in the dugout or stadium clubs.

Any advice/strategies for maximizing this "all-you-can-eat" special?

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  1. I was at the Dodger game on Sunday and Monday (yes, I was there and I stayed until the very end :-), and on Sunday, my dodger dog (grilled) disappointed. On Monday, we had sushi (the order was $10, for 12 pieces -- tuna roll, shrimp roll, california roll and veggie roll), and truthfully it was not half bad -- better than what you can get at Gelson's and Bristol Farm's, and the nachos, which are kind of like crack -- you know they are bad for you but you just can't stop eating the gooey orange cheesefood.

    Since you didn't list the sushi as being part of your all you can eat deal, I guess I'd do a dog first, then nachos. Hopefully your hot dog options include choices other than the dodger dog, which I found bland and un-"snappy" -- they've got polish sausages, etc.

    Peanuts are also good.

    Too bad they didn't include the beer -- a 16 oz cup of bud light on tap is $8.00 (yes, you read that right).

    1. You should hope that the Dodger Dogs are grilled. They taste much better when they are grilled.

      As for maximizing the all-you-can-eat special, I suggest you follow the approach of Takeru Kobayashi, the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating champion. Kobayashi breaks the hot dog in half and then stuffs it in his mouth and then dips the buns in liquid before consuming the bread.

      Following Kobayashi's method you should be able to eat at least 100 Dodger Dogs in the three hours it takes for the Dodgers to lose their third game in a row to a team that will not be making the playoffs. Let us know how many you can eat....

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      1. re: FKA Andrew

        Whatever you do, do not eat the popcorn first. It'll just fill you up without satisfying. Drink some water to expand your stomach, then hit those dogs. When you start feeling drowsy, send in the Coca-Cola products for a jolt. Then it's nacho time. Peanuts for dessert.

      2. i second the nachos and dogs thing, even though dodger dogs typically do nothing for me and i always eat one anyway b/c the selection is just so bad at dodger stadium.

        what did you eat in the dugout?

        after the game, go east on sunset 2 till you hiut the first light, marion, and get some tacos to go.

        1. My advice on eating at Dodger Stadium...eat before, or afterwords...especially if you're a chowhound. Dodger Dogs may well be the most revolting hot dogs in existence, and the rest of the food is not much better.

          And, having dined yesterday at the Dugout Club, my verdict is this: $9.95 buffet at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, circa 1990. I pretty much sampled everything, and really have no desire to try anything again - even if it is FREE!!!

          Go to Sushi Gen, Phillipe's,...anywhere else.

          1. The Dodger Dogs in the Pavilion are boiled. They are NOT grilled. So having prewraped, skinless, basic hot dogs isn't appealing. Plus if you figure the seats are $6 or $8, do you really spend $27 to $29 on food?

            1. I'm not sure why there is so much Dodger dog bashing. You take it for what it is. You aren't going to get a gourmet meal from a hot dog at a ball park. I personally think that Dodger Dogs are good... especially if they are grilled. Honestly, I feel like they are better than a hot dog that you can get at any other sporting venue. When I go to a Dodger game, I look forward to a Dodger Dog. I mean Dodger Dogs are really just Farmer John hot dogs that you can get at the grocery store, but being in Dodger Stadium just makes it taste better. Maybe it's just the nostalgia of having a hot dog in Chavez Ravine on a summer night.

              My favorite sportswriter Bill Simmons on ESPN wrote this when asked which is better.. a Fenway Frank or a Dodger Dog.

              "SG: God bless the comedic power of the Fenway Frank, but has anyone ever walked into Fenway and said, "Man, I can't wait to tear into a Fenway Frank. They're delicious!" You can't find a more mediocre hot dog. But the Dodger Dog lived up the hype -- it's long and juicy, even a little salty, and you can definitely get a whole meal out of it. No contest."

              That's exactly how I feel about a Dodger Dog. It's better than any other ballpark's hot dog and something you can look forward to eating after driving through rush hour traffic in downtown to see a great game at a great ballpark.

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              1. re: sumo10

                In a choice between a Dodger dog and a Fenway frank, I definitely go with the Dodger dog. But just because one hot dog is better than the other does not logically prevent me from saying that both suck. Here's a big difference, though. At Fenway, everybody knows the hot dogs are awful. So everybody grabs an italian sausage with peppers before the game from the vendors on Yawkey Way. By the time the game starts, they've got a full stomach. At Dodger Stadium, by the time the game starts, people are still driving to the stadium and if they are actually at the stadium, they're standing in line for a Dodger dog because there are no other food options.

                If 29 of the 30 ballclubs can sell hot dogs in the stands, then I have to believe that they can sell hot dogs in the stands at Dodger Stadium. They're just not trying hard enough. Besides, we all know that hot dogs don't kill people, spinach does.

                1. re: glutton

                  Having been to the Angels, A's and Giants ballpark this season, I know for a fact they do NOT have vendors walking up and down the aisles, selling hot dogs.

                  So it's more like 25 of the 30 teams.

              2. Having been to every ballpark in the majors, except the Cardinals new ballpark and Petco in SD, I can tell you Dodger Dogs don't compare. It's all hype.

                In Chicago, at both Wrigley and The Cell, I get a hot dog, that is made right in front of me. Not some crappy premade hot dog.

                Yes ballpark hot dogs aren't gourmet but they shouldn't be premade and they shouldn't be boiled.

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                1. re: reality check

                  Sounds nice in theory, but I was there last night (and they WON!! although it was a boring game!!) and I can't imagine how long the lines would be if they made the dogs as ordered. Like Cupid's, Dodger Dogs are a fond memory of my childhood - and I always get one (preferrably grilled with mustard, onions & relish)! Last night I also got a Wetzel Pretzel which was so wrong. Should have gone with the nachos!

                  1. re: WildSwede

                    Totally concur with you WildSwede.

                    So what if they are boiled and not grilled.

                    So what if the buns are soggy.

                    So what if they are premade.

                    So what if they are rubbery.

                    It's the experience; the ambience; the comraderie of eating a Dodger Dog with the gang in the right field pavillion.

                    Had a great time. Good to see the boys in blue rally for a couple of runs in the 8th ...

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      ...boiled, soggy, premade, & rubbery - nothing a little Wasabi couldn't fix.

                      1. re: JBC

                        Actually, since it was "all-you-can-eat" night out there, we were smearing the cheeze-whiz from the nachos onto the Dodger Dogs ... voila, nacho cheese dogs!

                        I think the wasabi would've come in handy for the heartburn ...

                      2. re: ipsedixit

                        the issue isn't the ambience of the hot dog for those of us that complain about them (we still eat them.)

                        the issue is that they are terrible hot dogs, regardless of BIll Simmons' critical opinion, and they are not just terrible hot dogs compared to the world's best hot dogs - they are terrible hot dogs compared to other stadium's hot dogs.

                        even those of us that think they stink eat them, but that's just because they are available and because it is burned into our brain taht eating a hot dog at a baseball game is required. and yes we enjoy them for what they are worth.

                        but the food at dodger stadium, no matter how big a dodger fan we say we are, is several leagues below other baseball stadiums. and i'm not even comparing the quality of choices available at dodger stadium vs., say, st. louis, seattle, or atlanta, where much more interesting and tastier items are for sale. it's that the dogs at dodger stadium are inferior to dogs at every other stadium i've eaten at. i too went to dozens of white sox games when i lived in chicago, and the dogs there are fantastic and served faster than at dodger stadium.

                        1. re: mr mouther

                          Actually, the worse food of any BB stadium that I've been to is at Yankees Stadium.

                      3. re: WildSwede

                        If it can be done in other ballparks, then why can't it be done in Dodger Stadium? The all-beef vienna dog with mustard and onions that is available in Chicago destroys the flaccid, damp dodger dog. And the lines are shorter. Why? Because all the losers who are willing to settle for pre-cooked hot dogs buy their hot dogs in the seats from vendors roaming the aisles. They don't have nearly enough vendors in Dodger Stadium, so to get a drink or food, you have to commit standing in line for at least a half inning. That's a waste of time.

                        1. re: glutton

                          While I do understand the lines at Dodger Stadium are really long and just plain slow. But at other ballparks they grill and make the hot dogs are order and I'm not missing three innings waiting in line.

                          To be fair to the Dodgers, health codes prevent hot dog vendors from walking the aisles. Plus I hate MORE people walking up and down the aisles blocking my view of the game.

                          I think I'll start a new thread about who has the better ballpark food.

                          1. re: reality check

                            Why is it that health codes prevent hot dogs vendors in the aisles, but not pizza vendors?

                            The food at Dodger Stadium is no longer up to par with the best at other stadia -- I don't mind a run of the mill hot dog, but would like to have decent food available if I wanted. But the biggest problem is the logistics. How much of it is insufficient staffing, and how much unfortunate layout for vendors I don't know, but the waits are atrocious there.

                            1. re: Capybara

                              The pizzas are boxed, so the vendors aren't actually handling the pizza. I'm not really sure to be honest but health codes are the reason given in that LA Times article a couple months back.

                              I think most of it is insufficient staffing. Many nights they close down stands. That's ok when the last place Nationals are in town and there are 35,000 people. But when the Giants or Mets are in town and there are over 45,000, they have to open up more stands.

                    2. This is the best thread I have ever read on Chowhound.

                      1. Too bad they no longer have King Taco. Now that was tasty food!

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                        1. re: scoot

                          Amen! I was just reminiscing last night about the time my brother and I climbed steps and went up escalators and elevators from the field level to get to the top for some o' those al pastor nachos!! ;-)
                          My friend and I walked all the way around to the other side last night and they had the same thing over and over. It's true, the offerings are very sad at DS. A Mike's Hard Lemonade was $8!!

                        2. It actually starts 90 min before game time. So you could show up at 5:30 and start nibbling away, and catch some balls during batting practice.

                          1. I haven't sat in the pavilion in a along time. Is the popcorn freshly popped or is it the bagged stuff they served at most stands at Dodger Stadium?

                            On the field level, they have a couple popcorn stands where they make the popcorn fresh.