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Sep 21, 2006 10:37 PM

Primo and Mosaic (Tucson short report)

I finally went to Primo by myself so I could have the mussels and zeppole without having to fight off my husband and daughter for them. Two of the best dishes in all of Tucson!

Had a machaca burrito at Mosaic for breakfast, and while the shredded beef was a bit dry and stringy, it hit the spot. I was fascinated by the woman who hand-makes those gigantic tortillas! Can anyone tell me if the lunches or dinners there are good? TIA!

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  1. "Can anyone tell me if the lunches or dinners there are good?"

    Yes. Reliable, consistent place. Best albondigas soup I've ever had -- highest recommendation.

    Yeah, those tortillas are great, aren't they?

    Note there's a second Teresa's on the northside, near Walmart. Food just as good, but plainer digs and no tortilla lady.

    Happy chowing --
    Pete Tillman

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      Thanks, Pete! But it wouldn't be the same without her.