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Calzones in LA??

I have good experience with the calzones at Ameci's. Does anyone know a really good place to get the Calzone?

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  1. Big Nick's in San Pedro

      1. If you don't mind the wait, ZELO in Arcadia.

        328 East Foothill Blvd.,
        (626) 358-8298

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Describe Zelo's Calzone!
          How is the sauce?
          What is the crust like?
          Toppings? Any specialty calzones?

          1. re: nrique

            Crust is very much like their pizza, thick, dense and hearty with a good crunch (not dry though).

            Sauce is good and rich, lots of tomato and garlic.

            I've only tried the vegetarian variety, but I believe there is a meat option as well.

            I'm pretty sure if you has Mike (the owner) nicely he'll offer up a Calzone made-to-order for you ...

        2. We had a delicious calzone at Spago.

          1. Albano's on Melrose or in the Valley on Ventura. Most NY authentic

            1. hmm the valley is the closest spot for me so Albano's sounds good. Anyone know of more spots above the 101?

              1. they are doing construction on the building where albanos is.
                i thought it was closed right now... (studio city one)

                not sure though..

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                1. re: anthony

                  No, it's open. Just don't mention the fecking garlic bulbs that top the elevators when you go in or you'll get more than you want to hear about the people who run the incoming restaurant/club upstairs.

                2. Milano's on Brand Blvd in Glendale-yummy!

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                  1. re: ragazza

                    Mmmmm, yeah, I forgot about that -- and they do lunch specials with calzone and soup or salad.

                  2. I like Frankie Johnnies calzone.. pretty huge!

                    1. STUDIO CITY: Zach's Italian Cafe, awesome sausage and spinach calzone, they may have a different name than calzone, don't remember but the memory of the deliciousness has stuck with me all these years.