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Sep 21, 2006 10:17 PM

Bunch suggestion in Chelsea

I'm trying to organzie a brunch for a group of bridesmaids on a Saturday morning. I'd like to take them somewhere sleek, fun, and most importantly, with good, reliable food. Chelsea/Village area please.

p.s. not pastis

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  1. I guess this is a wide open field but here are some potential places for you:

    Agave (7th Ave btwn Charles / 10th Street)
    Atrium (West 12th btwn Greenwich & Washington)
    Smorgas Chef (12th between 7th/8th ave)

    Hope this helps!

    1. also check out gusto on greenwich btwn 6th and 7th ave

      1. How about GOOD on Greenwich Ave (near Bank St).

        1. Elmo
          Cafeteria: haven't been for brunch and seems more about scene than food (dinner is fine), but it is sleek and fun
          Cookshop: haven't been for brunch and I'm not a big fan of dinner, but have heard good things about brunch
          Agave: I second this rec
          Good is good but more country than sleek
          Extra Virgin: sort of sleek
          La Bottega: haven't heard anything about the food, but the space is nice

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          1. re: Lucia

            I went to Elmo last weekend for brunch. I had steak and eggs - a dish full of food, but the steak was very strange-looking (like stringy) and was definitely not done anywhere near the rare I had asked for. It was tough and just stringy. The "spicy" home fries were greasy and definitely not spicy at all. The waitress was pleasant, but was way too busy chatting up another table to get the milk we asked for repeatedly. I'd skip it.

            I've been to Cafeteria for brunch and liked that.

          2. I made a reservation for GUSTO! i hope its good.