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Sep 21, 2006 10:09 PM

Rancid (slightly) oil -- still usable?

I have a large bottle of canola oil that just turned rancid. I'm wondering if it's actually bad for your health to consume rancid oil, or is it only a bad smell without ill health effects? Just thought maybe I could deep fry something with all that oil instead of just pitching it all.

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  1. Pitch it. Just pitch it. There's nothing like something cooked in or with rancid oil - even just a teensy bit rancid - to put you off your kibble forever. Seriously. I don't think it's dangerous, just horrible.

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      I agree - just pitch - I think the deep fried food would taste like rancid oil - I once used oil that I only smelled after the dish tasted funny, and rancid canola oil was the culprit.

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        Do NOT eat that oil, in any shape or form. It is extremely bad for you, causing tumor-suppressing genes to turn off and increasing your chances and potential liver damage. Vegetable oils are unstable to begin with, processed using hexane and high heat, and should be avoided for high-heat cooking. The healthiest fats to use are high in saturated fats, like butter, ghee, coconut oil, and lard.

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          OMG WHY would you even want to? or even consider it? Out it goes.

        2. Cooking food in rancid oil is like throwing good money after bad. While I'm sure it won't hurt you, anything you cook in it will taste off and you will end up throwing it away. Better to save your good food and throw the bad oil away!

          1. I agree.. Especially when you can get a nice new bottle for $3 at Trader Joes...


            1. Lol! Was not trying to be cheap--really! And everyone is saying what I knew i should do, so I'm pitching it!
              Thanks all.

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                Ya, at the price you pay for canola oil, it's a no brainer.


              2. Unless you know someone who makes biodiesel.

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