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Clam Pizza ??

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Can you get that in Boston, seems like you could. I am in Billerica, but I'll drive 90 each way to have one. I'll go to Essex or wherever.

PS Conn is too far !

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  1. santarpio's does a fantastic white clam pie. i think regina might, but i've only ever had santarpio's.

    1. Am I missing something? I've been to Santarps a bunch of times and never seen/smelled/tasted the clam pizza. Is there a special signal you have to give the waitsaff to get it? Very curious...

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        I just called and they said, NO ! so I'll check upper crust and reginas

      2. Upper Crust does one, though I haven't had it so can't comment on its quality.

        1. Cafe Porto Bello in South Boston makes a seafood pizza with clams, scallops and shrimp which is incredible. I'm sure if you asked they would make it just with the clams. They also put together a nice antipasto.

          1. that's really wierd-- i swear i had it there, although it was a while ago-- 2001. what a brain fart... sorry! where did i have it, then? i guess that goes back to the original question, then...

            1. Sweet Tomato in Newton makes them. And there's always Bertucci's.

                1. I had some pizza had Sweet Tomatoes for the first time not too long ago and liked it a lot -- very good thin crust. I was excited to see they had white clam pizza on the menu, but was disappointed when they told me the clams came out of a can. But now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it's good even with canned clams....one of these days gotta give it a try.

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                    Not that I'm sure of this, but it seems to me that if clams are subjected to 800-degree pizza oven heat, it doesn't matter if they're fresh, canned, or freeze dried.

                    I do love the clam pizza though. Anybody up for a lunchtime trip to New Haven?

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                      holy sh*t that is 136 miles. You get some lunch break...

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                        Just got back. Went with Pepe's this time. Clam-licious. :)

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                          BTW, I am kidding. I went to Savenor's at lunch for my Pats' tailgate meats. Including a pack of rattlesnake because we're gonna eat Jake the Snake Plummer for lunch.

                  2. Bertuccis used to make a nice clam pizza, but I haven't seen it on their menu recently. Maybe they could still make it if you ask?

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                      One thing I really like about Bertucci's is that they'll still make me a "Nolio" pizza (carmelized onion & prosciutto, parmesan cream sauce) even though it's been off the menu for years. Bet they'll do a clam pizza without batting an eye.

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                        I LOVED the Nolio! We do the same thing too and they alway will make it. Last time we ate there we saw they were having a "bring back your favorite" dish contest. Go on-line and vote for it - has to be a write in.

                    2. figs in Wellelsy had a super delicious clam pizza. I assume they have one at the other Figs- Beacon Hill and Charlestown now that Wellesley is closed.

                        1. For what it's worth Cinderella's in Cambridge (near MIT) has clam pizza on their menu. They're not fresh clams, but it looked like nearly an entire can of clams on two large slices. Not something to drive from Billerica for, but if you're in the area and want a quick bite . . .

                          1. Il Forno Restaurant at Nagog Woods (Acton) on Rte 2A has a clam pizza on their menu. I have not had a pizza from there so cannot comment on the taste.