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Sep 21, 2006 09:42 PM

R23 is a joke

Went today for lunch.
One page in the menu shows "Daily Specials", 5 items listed.
We order a) Nr.5, the shiitake w/asparagus, and b) Nr.4, the yellowtail collar.
After about half hour wait we got -I'm literal here-
a): 2 (two) little shiitakes and 2 (two) half asparagus.
b): a chunk of fish bone with some leftover meat attached.
Total including green tea, miso soup, tip and parking: $40.00

For the money, four people can have a real lunch of similar or beter quality anywhere in Little Tokyo.

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  1. OMG! Are you serious! We used to go to Lunch there all the time, they had great lunch specials for $10 (I either got the tempura shrimp or tempura oysters) and it came with soup or salad. They also had a great $12 sushi sampler lunch.



    1. Never really had a bad experience there for either lunch or dinner. Perhaps it was an off-day.

      Sorry to hear.

      1. I did learn to never order the specials without asking the price when we ordered the lobster tempura and it was over $50. But it was a whole lobster, practically, so it wasn't really a ripoff, just more than we wanted to spend on it.

        1. the food does take forever to get to the table, no matter what you order or when you order it. i was there once at 5:45 for an early dinner and it took 45 minutes for our sushi to arrive, even though we were the only people there and we hadn't ordered anything that had to be cooked.
          the valet parking annoys me too. i purposely make early dinner reservations and park on one of the nearby streets. it's free and close.

          1. the food takes a long time. but i think i read recently that it had changed ownership. i don't know if that had something to do with it.