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Recipe Suggestions?

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I have been asked to participate in a Girl Scouts fundraiser in January. The catch is that I have to make something and in quantity using a case of Girl Scout Cookies for a tasting. I am kind of thinking of something like a Grasshopper Mousse Pie using crushed thin mints as a crust. There are the shortbread cookies and the cocoanutty Samoas too. It does not have to be a dessert, it can be anything I want to make. The request just came a half hour ago and it is still new. If I am going to do it I have to commit soon. Any suggestions? I generally cook from scratch and I am kind of stumped. Any old family favorites out there that incorporated cookies. I know there are ice cream and other sandwich cookies but I think they are looking for something more. Oh another requirement is that it contains chocolate.


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  1. You could make some variation of an ice box cake or triffle, using crumbled cookies, whipped cream or custard filling and fruit, etc.

    Here are a couple of example of these types of recipes, although the variations are pretty much infinite.




    Edited to add: here's a link to the recipe for the original icebox cake, that used Nabisco chocolate wafers as the base:


    1. I think some kind of a caramel, chocolate, nut bar with the shortbread cookies for a crust would be pretty good... kind of like a Carmelita. http://www.cooksrecipes.com/bar/caram...

      1. Thanks,I have been looking for ideas at Epicurious. I put in graham crackers to search under and I'm findng some stuff. I figured I could crush the shortbread cookies and substitute then for the crushed grahams. It is going to be an intersting project.

        1. I'm thinking you could do a ton of things with the Trefoils! Shortbread!

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            That was what I was thinking. I was just stumped when first approached. I guess I needed to get my brain in the right place. Now instead of being reluctant I am more intrigued. I still welcome any suggestions.

          2. I hadn't eaten GS cookies in a long time, and then bought some new ones being sold in front of Fry's in Burbank a few years ago. They were a light, crisp lemon cookie shaped similar to a Nilla Wafer. I would make a lemon "tiramisu" and dip the cookies in lemonade instead of espresso or liqueur. You could put chocolate shavings on top. Let us know what you do!

            1. How about trefoils crumbled up on top of your famous tuna noodle casserole?

              1. My mom makes fruit crisps sometimes where she substitutes shortbread crumbs for the flour (and oats). Perfect for boxes and boxes of Trefoils!