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Sep 21, 2006 09:14 PM

Recipe Suggestions?

I have been asked to participate in a Girl Scouts fundraiser in January. The catch is that I have to make something and in quantity using a case of Girl Scout Cookies for a tasting. I am kind of thinking of something like a Grasshopper Mousse Pie using crushed thin mints as a crust. There are the shortbread cookies and the cocoanutty Samoas too. It does not have to be a dessert, it can be anything I want to make. The request just came a half hour ago and it is still new. If I am going to do it I have to commit soon. Any suggestions? I generally cook from scratch and I am kind of stumped. Any old family favorites out there that incorporated cookies. I know there are ice cream and other sandwich cookies but I think they are looking for something more. Oh another requirement is that it contains chocolate.


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  1. You could make some variation of an ice box cake or triffle, using crumbled cookies, whipped cream or custard filling and fruit, etc.

    Here are a couple of example of these types of recipes, although the variations are pretty much infinite.,196,1...

    Edited to add: here's a link to the recipe for the original icebox cake, that used Nabisco chocolate wafers as the base:

    1. I think some kind of a caramel, chocolate, nut bar with the shortbread cookies for a crust would be pretty good... kind of like a Carmelita.

      1. Thanks,I have been looking for ideas at Epicurious. I put in graham crackers to search under and I'm findng some stuff. I figured I could crush the shortbread cookies and substitute then for the crushed grahams. It is going to be an intersting project.

        1. I'm thinking you could do a ton of things with the Trefoils! Shortbread!

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            That was what I was thinking. I was just stumped when first approached. I guess I needed to get my brain in the right place. Now instead of being reluctant I am more intrigued. I still welcome any suggestions.

          2. I hadn't eaten GS cookies in a long time, and then bought some new ones being sold in front of Fry's in Burbank a few years ago. They were a light, crisp lemon cookie shaped similar to a Nilla Wafer. I would make a lemon "tiramisu" and dip the cookies in lemonade instead of espresso or liqueur. You could put chocolate shavings on top. Let us know what you do!