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Sep 21, 2006 09:01 PM

ISO Freestanding Pantry

We just moved into an apartment that could use a free-standing pantry type unit in the kitchen for food (there is a large area in the kitchen where it can go).
We're looking for something free-standing (it's a rental unit so we don't want to go bolting things into walls), and on the reasonably priced side, but something with a finished look (e.g. not a stack of plastic drawers).

Any suggestions?

For reference, we live in L.A., so any national chain or local California chain works.

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  1. Do you want something that closes up like a closet? Or something fairly open like a set of shelves? If you're interested in shelving units, Costco has a terrific bargain in their heavy-duty shelves. They're 18" deep, 48" across and about 7' tall. By heavy-duty I mean they're rated to around 500lbs per shelf. They're steel, come with good castors and shelves are adjustable. I think each unit has 6 shelves. The whole lot costs around $60 - $70 and is worth at least twice that.

    I have several of these to store stuff, including 2 which are in the room next to the kitchen. The room is turning into a pantry by default, we keep putting kitchenware, food, appliances etc. in it.

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      I'm looking for something that closes like a closet, but to be honest, look (it's a tile kitchen with wood cabinets) is more important than strength/quality, since I won't be pushing it too much on weight.

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        That sounds like something like Metro shelving - I "custom" ordered one from Metro on line - you can order the sizes of shelves and poles that you need and have been very happy with it. Sat underneath a counter in my old kitchen, in my smaller NY apt. it is in the living room right next to the kitchen with a cloth on top to disguise it. For BL's purposes, sounds like it would only work if she doesn't mind the pantry items being on display.

      2. Ikea? Not investment furniture, but I am sure there will be something that works.