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Sep 21, 2006 08:59 PM

Seeking Cape Cod Harvest Dinner Ideas

I have invited some long-time friends to Harwich (Cape Cod)for a Harvest Dinner in Mid-Oct.

I think I chose the same weekend as the Wellfleet Oyster fest, so in some regards, I got the timing right.

I have *two* requests from my CH peeps:

1.) I usually spend July in Harwich and know my way around quite well. I suspect my favorite summer farm stands (West side of Rt 6 in Eastham; that place between 6A & Rt 6 in Brewster) may not be open in mid-Oct. I could use some help from the LOCALS to point out the options for late season produce.

2.) Suggestions from ANYONE for menu for coastal-themed harvest party.

I have some ideas in my notebook and I will post later.

Many Thanks, Neil

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  1. Please post on the Home Cooking board for menu suggestions. This helps us keep this board focused just in finding great chow in New England, including Cape Cod. Thanks!