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Pizza in Quincy

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Earlier today I posted requesting recommended pizza joints in Malden, where I work, and was pleased with the reponse. So, I'll post the same post but, for Quincy, where I live.

Finding good pizza in the Boston area is a tough task for this former Jersey boy so, this may be a stretch but, I'm going to ask if anyone can recommend a good pizza joint in the Quincy area. Anything close to the likes of NY/NJ style pizza (thin crust, gooey cheese, tangy flavorful sauce, pies more than 18 inches in diameter ~ I know that's a REAL stretch)? Driving small distance is OK. Please, no greek style and thanks in advance...:)

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  1. The Italian-American migration to the suburbs from the North End and East Boston generally headed, well, north. Hence why the South Shore has fewer places to consider. My friends who live in Quincy consider none of the local places good (a couple are passable in a pinch, but not for NY-style pizza from what I gather), but that is second-hand, for what it's worth.

    1. I'm from Quincy as well, and I can't say that I know of a place that has NY/NJ stye pizza in the area. Bella's in Rockland makes a bar size pizza with a thin crust and lots of oil that is quite good, but I'm not sure that would qualify. I like the pizza at Sonny's in Adams Village. They have a medium crust baked with the cornmeal on the undercrust. My favorite is the Irish Bacon, mushroom and onion. Again, not NY style but still quite good.

      1. Not much in the way of NY/NJ-style pizza in the Quincy area. Villa Rosa used to be really good for pizza, but they seem to have gone downhill a bit. And the Town Spa in nearby Stoughton used to have great pizza, but it went way downhill of late.

        Some good places for bar pizza (10-inch personal pizzas with a cracker-type crust and lots of cheese) are the Alumni Cafe in Wollaston and the Lynwood in nearby Randolph.

        1. The closest to NYC style pizza I have found in that area is Mozzarella's in E. Milton square. I've only been twice so I can't vouch for the consistency.

          The pizza at Tosca in Hingham is pretty good and consistent.
          Bar style pizza: I like Poopsies, I'll give a nod to the one at Bellas. I also had a pretty good one at the Fowler House the other night. Very thin, extra crispy crust. You could always try Denly's in Weymouth, the pizza there is above average.
          I will agree about the pizza at Sonny's, the best pizza in that general area. The pizza joints in Adams village suck.

          I had a fantastic pizza at Ashmont grill, based on the merits of crust and sauce and not overdoing the toppings. Unfortunately it was oversalted after cooking. That was corrected the second time I tried it.

          Pretty good grilled pizza at Caffe Bella in Randolph. I think they get grilled ahead of time and then put in the oven though which sort of detracts from it a bit.

          1. Hi,

            Being from NY originally, I find most of the pizza in Boston to be horrid. I can't stand that pat-in-the-pan method that they use here, which results in that spongy, tasteless dough.

            Having said that, I've found one excellent hand-tossed, Italian, NY-style pizza place in Quincy Center, called Napoli. It's on Hancock St., directly across the street from Little Q, next to Trattoria Alba. I believe that they also have another branch on Rte 53 in Weymouth Landing.

            Give it a try and let me know what you think. I'm curious if other people like it as much as I do.

            And, of course, there's always Bertuccis in Braintree, which does make a good pizza.

            1. My sister lives on Liberty Street and there's a place right down the street from her, D & D Deli, an Italian deli/pizza place combo which makes passable NY-style pizza. I've been in there a few times and they seem to have some other interesting things in the case, worth checking out if you are local.

              1. Best pizza in quincy is the Alumni Cafe on Hancock St. By no means is this place a cafe, it is a local bar with really good bar pizza. Also, I has a really good white pizza at Trattorria Alba. Also, Venetian in weymouth has a great fried vinegar pepper pizza.

                1. I love the pizza at the Venetian, but can't get past the pork chops with vinegar peppers there. Or the meatball sub! (GREAT meatballs there)

                  1. I grew up in Quincy and here to give a second vote for Napoli's. I use to visit the Quincy location everyday after school. Now that I've moved alittle further down the road, I get take out from their Weymouth location. Ask for it well done.

                    I am also going to try Gennaros on Quincy Ave., but I've heard mixed reviews. I haven't had their pizza, but it smells great when you walk in the door.

                    Be advised that the pizza at The Alumni is well loved by locals, but it is bar pizza (smaller, cracker thin crust) so I'm not sure that it's what you are looking for.

                    1. Wursthof, could you please tell me a little more about Denley's? I've heard of it, but I don't know of anyone who has been there. Is it a bar or local restaurant? Do they serve anything other than pizza? If it's a pub atmosphere, do they have Keno?

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                        Just as posted below. I'm not sure about the Keno(can't remember) but there is a television.

                      2. Denleys is a little place on a side road in the middle of a residential neighborhood in weymouth, not tough to find at all, although parking can be a little tough at times. I do believe they have typical american italian fare- raviolis, spaghetti and the like. The atmosphere- one room with about a dozen church bench booths with high backs. They have a small bar with no stools probably about 15' long, they have a great selection of bottle beer. I don't think they have Keno but I usually just pick my pizza up and run.

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                          Denly's is as close to Regina's or Santarpio's, as you are going to find on the South Shore. Located on shawmut and Lake St., in the jackson square area of Weymouth, It has been in the same location since 1935. Pizza Joints cannot do that, without doing something right. In this case, it's Pizza and evrything else that comes out of the kitchen. Their Sausage and Vinegar peppers is killer, as is their antipasto salad with tuna, their cold cut platter, and their pasta dishes. But make no mistake, it the Pizza that keeps everyone coming back. It a "must visit" for any pie lovers who live as close as Quincy.

                          1. re: Louis

                            It's good pizza. The Regina comparison might be a stretch. Pretty good for Weymouth.

                            Regarding the sausage and vinegar peppers. That is the dish that lead me to this place. Huge disappointment. Cut up dried slices of sausage(of an average quality). If you are going to cut them up perhaps you should crisp them up. The peppers themselves were of a standard Pastene type(which I happen to like).

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                              I agree with the above regarding Denley's. My one issue is that the pizza is sometimes inconsistent. Most of the time it is top notch, but I have occasionally had one that just wasn't right...super salty and hard cheese.

                              Another thing to note, Denley's does not take credit cards.

                        2. I don't know if slade's convinced, but I'm going to checkout Denley's for my next pizza.

                          1. Thanks for the description and location for Denley's -- it's definitely on my to go list.

                            1. Tullios in North Quincy on Hancock st. always had good thin-crust (not bar-style, wood-fired pizza, although I haven't had it in while. And of course Bertucci's, chain that it is, has great pizza--especially the melanzana.

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                                Tullio's is long gone. Now it's Basta Pasta.

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                                    Note to self...check date of post before hitting the keys. Sorry SST.

                              2. If you are ever in the Holbrook area on Rt.139 south toward Abington try a little take out place called Partners Pizza. Their pizzas are excellent and rather large - 16". They have several specialty pizzas. You can build want you want with over 30 toppings. We are there every week. They have branches in Middleboro and W. Bridgewater(106). Partnersitalianpizzeria.com

                                1. Another vote for Napoli on Hancock. It's the best I've found around Quincy so far. D&D is not bad, but Napoli has a tastier sauce.

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                                    Carmine's in Squantum is pretty good. Owner is very nice and very accomodating with special requests.

                                    Tried the pizza at the new Alba. It was awful....tastless rubbery crust and sauce that tasted sour. Big disappointment as I used to enjoy the pies from Tarttoria Alba

                                    Has anyone tried the pizza from Blue at Marina Bay? The owners of Siros took over the Crabby Joes place and I hear they turned it into a more upscale bar that serves pizza.

                                    Next on my list to try is Tavola . If you live in North Quincy, its a quick trip over the bridge.

                                    1. SchoolHouse Pizza in Quincy Center is GREAT! I am a pizza snob, and so far this is the best that I have found in Quincy. Here is the link: http://www.schoolhousequincy.com/ Enjoy!