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Sep 21, 2006 08:40 PM

Coming to Wisconsin Dells

Will be coming in to Wisconsin Dells on business for a few days and need some suggestions for the best food in the area, preferably not too fancy. Love Italian, Seafood and Brew houses.

Thank you for any suggestions!!

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  1. There are two restaurants at the Wilderness Resort ... a steak and seafood house called Field's and an Italian restaurant called Sarento's. Field's is excellent, with a truly striking room. Sarento's is good. Both are pricy, and Field's is dressy, so they may not meet your criteria.

    The Cheese Factory is a remarkably good and original vegetarian restaurant, in a charming ice cream parlor atmosphere, with an exceptionally friendly staff. They also have free wi-fi, which is something of a rarity in the Dells. This is probably my favorite place in town, and I'm not a vegetarian.

    Essen Haus does really good German food, in a reasonably authentic atmosphere.

    You'll get good bar burgers and fried things at Monk's Bar.

    1. I second the Cheese Factory as a great lunch spot and I am a major carnivore. Great phosphates & Green River if you'rer into thosse drinks.

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        I third The Cheese Factory recommendation. Hands down the very best place in town for a devoted foodie. Their atmosphere, baked goods, service, and lastly food is a standout from usual fare in the Dells. Last time I was there I got their El Paso Al Cielo...where else in Wisconsin and you get cactus and fried bananas?!?!

      2. We were there a year ago and ate at the Moosejaw Pizza and brewing company. My husband and I really liked their microbrews and both meals we ate there were was the pizza.

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          Moosejaw is fun and busy in season, northwoods lodge decor, pizza and appetizers are typical. Denny's Diner has a 50's, 60's nostalgic decor and fun for breakfast, try the cinnamon rolls.


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            We tried to go there last time we were in town...1.5 hour wait...we went to Houlihan's instead.

        2. you must try the river edge. away from tourist rat race.

          any steak and the be sure to try the ribs, shorelunch walley

          great atmosphere and bar

          1. Just got back from Wisconsin Dells, thanks Chowhounders for all the great recommendations. Alot of places are closed this time of year or they're only open certain days of the week.

            Our first night we had dinner at Wally's House of Embers. They have a beautiful dining room, very romantic and warm. We both had the steak tips with vegetables with a stir fry sauce and really enjoyed it.

            Had dessert and coffee twice at the Cheese Factory and really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. We couldn't make it for breakfast, because this time of year they open at 11 AM during the week and that didn't work for us. This place is warm, inviting and we enjoyed the friendly staff. The desserts are really fresh and the espresso was top notch.

            The Essen House had FABULOUS beer and the food was really hearty. Enjoyed the band although we had a hard time conversing, but really enjoyed the evening. Next trip, hope to visit on the night when the Roast Pig is available. Also enjoyed watching the chef prepare fresh pretzels and spaetzle.

            MooseJaw was OK, more of a family oriented, young crowd place. Typical munchie food although the portions passing through were huge. The burgers were good and so was the beer. Wish I'd had the Wisconsin Cheese Beer Soup, heard it's wonderful.

            My favorite place was the Del Bar on Wisonsin Dells Parkway, next to the Hilton. The food was fresh and fabulous and the presentation was very elegant. Great place for a quiet dinner. The place was packed on Sat night but could understand why. The house salad with blue cheese dressing was the best I've ever had - anywhere! The butter they served with their delicious crackers and rolls were to die for!!! I had one of their specials, Flat Iron Steak with blue cheese butter and mashed potatoes, it was fantastic. My husband had the fresh wild grilled salmon and couldn't say enough about it. A must if you enjoy great food and atmosphere.

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              Glad it worked out for you. They have an espresso sundae at the Cheese Factory -- basically, ice cream sitting in a shot of espresso -- that is terrific.

              I haven't been to the Del Bar, but it sounds like it's worth trying next time we are in the area.