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Las Vegas Best Value Dining -- Any Level, Any Type

I'm in the throes of planning our annual trip to LV with friends. Last year we hit all the price-is-no-object places, staying at Wynn and eating at both of Robuchon's restaurants and Alex (as well as Rosemary's and LOS), and so on. I guess it's a good thing Guy Savoy's place still wasn't open.

This year's theme is value for money. We want to eat the best we can dollar for dollar. Could be anything, at any price level (from haut to down and dirty), just as long as it's excellent for the price.

I'm thinking about return visits to LOS and Rosemary's. For new places, after much research here on CH and elsewhere, I'm currently thinking about the following among others (no particular order):

Burger Bar
Circus Circus Steakhouse
Table 34
Big Mama's Ribs
Hash House a Go Go
Commander's Palace
Peppermill (partly for the old LV aspect)

Was hoping to get some opinions on these as well as any better suggestions relative to the value-for-money criterion. Thoughts?

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  1. I like Table 34 but think it is not as interesting as Todd's; I would definitely go to Todd's and skip Table 34. Todd's does have a nice value to money ratio. I also believe that on Wednesdays you can bring in wine with no corkage. There is a large Lee's Liquor's just down the street from Todd's. I really like that corkage policy.

    I am not crazy about Hash House a Go Go, but if I was going there, I'd probably go for breakfast; they have some appealing breakfast items. If you are inclined to drive, the new barbeque place at the Red Rock, Salt Lick, is good and a good value; plus, you'd get to see the resort. Also out in the Summerlin area is Hannah's, which gets mixed reviews, but which I think offers some good Asian choices. Still, if you like Asian, there are three new Malaysian places either on or off of Spring Mountain Road that are terrific and terrifically cheap. I like Banana Leaf, which is just off SM.
    If you like sushi, there is a place called Koto which is up on Eastern Ave. They do an AYCE for 24.99, and it is a terrific bargain. The sushi is excellent, fresh and well presented; there are some interesting rolls and also Japanese specialty items. Even if you don't do all you can eat, it's an excellent deal, and family owned. The only better sushi that I have had here consistently is at Nobu and Okada, both of which are of course far more expensive.
    If you are really looking for an LV experience, and a delicious treat after LOS, head to Luv-It custard, on Oakey off LV Blvd (near the stratosphere). There you can get a delicious Western Sundae featuring both caramel and hot fudge for a whopping $4.95, and believe me, it is plenty large enough to share.

    1. From recent opinions on another website I would just go to Peppermill for drinks in the lounge and skip the food. The portions are still huge but the food has been disappointing lately.

      1. The 3 course lunch special at Rosemary's is a fantastic bargain. If you're drinking martinis, then Commander's Palace at lunch is also a great deal. Hash House a Go Go is a bargain if you are into quantity - perhaps go to brunch and count it as two meals.

        Have a good time.

        1. Lots of Vietnamese and Asian places on Spring Mtn. Had a great and cheap banh mi at Nu Lan on my last visit.


          1. Kabobs is really good good, mediterrarean, but don't be in a hurry, food is cooked to order, but excellent, worth the wait. You will wait though, but I've gone more than once, once you finally get the food you forget how long you waited. Kung Fu in China Town for Tom Yum soup, the best Tom Yum soup I've ever tasted. Vietnamese, Hue Thai the best vietnamese but no atmosphere, you'll be eating with the locals, most of Asian descent, so you know the food is good. Pick up a big fat burrito for lunch at Chipolte, their a chain, but those made to order - Subway style- burritos are hard to beat! Bangkok cafe for Thai lunch too, say hi to Ken for me! One of my old favorites, miss them much, just moved to ABQ! Nothing at Wynn, a hamburger is twelve bucks! and that doesn't include fries! ha ha! Cheap entertainment? Check out Harrah's 6pm - 9pm Karoke and then the Dueling Pianos, that's my favorite, just the price of a couple of drinks and you get good old vegas entertainment. Quite fun. Even dancing in carnival court if you choose, but go during the week, it's free. On Saturday nights it's still only $3.00! But, the crowd is young if you don't mind that.

            1. I'd definitely go to Commander's Palace for the 25 cent Martini Lunch and definitely NOT go to Peppermill unless go for drinks just to check the place out. Many people like Burger Bar, but I was underwhelmed with my overpriced burger. It's fine if you're in the area and want a burger, but not worth scheduling it in on your itinerary.

              If you want a good burger, my favorite is Mesa Grill's burger at lunch. Many people flame this place, but I think it offers a great lunch bargain.

              My favorite way to try some of the more expensive places is to go for lunch. Delmonico and Emeri's Fish House both have lunch that's just as good as dinner, but at a much more affordable price.

              1. The Tillerman for steak/seafood. Pricy but worth every dime!

                1. Circus Circus Steakhouse would give you the quality/value you are looking for. It has been an annual event for my group of 15 guys every year. Quality Filet Mignon with Salad,potato and vegetable included for $35 bucks. Only downside is you have to navigate through the myriad of kids and trailer park types mulling in the Circus Circus Casino to get there. I recommend that the cab drops you off by Registration in the back which limits the distance to the restaurant. Once inside, you will think you are in any other top steakhouse and your wallet will thank you.
                  Peppermill has also always been a breakfast favorite of ours. It is not cheap but the food is good and the portions are huge.

                  1. I agree with vikingsms.I also go each year with a crew of guys and enjoy the Circus Circus steakhouse regardless of the hotels atmosphere. I get the prime rib and think its great. Unfortunately, my friend also gets it but he has a tendency to chew with his mouth open and shows you the food. I have learned not to sit across from him and ruin the meal.

                    1. GlacierIceCream.com

                      It's WAY WAY up at the tippy top of Tropicana Boulevard (West), the the Smith's Grocery mall.

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                        I've never heard of Glacier. What's special about it, jack?

                      2. One of my favorite value lunches in Las Vegas is the "Business Lunch" special at The Palm, in the Forum Shops. For $18 you get soup or salad, a choice of 8 entrees, hash browns, and cottage fries. One of the entree choices is a Palm filet mignon with mushrooms. Also a couple of seafood choices. I don't always spend $18 on lunch, but getting a steakhouse grade filet in this nice atmosphere for under twenty bucks has always seemed like a bargain to me.

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                          Yep...the lunch deal at The Palm is well worth the price.

                        2. Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian Hotel has excellent quality food and price/value. Casual atmosphere, very busy place, huge menu. I have eaten here many many times and it is always great.

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                            I'll agree about his. Grand Lux is very good for what it is. Be prepared to wait tho - it's always mobbed. Service can be a bit iffy sometimes but the food is pretty good and quite varied and there is no way you couldn't find something to whet your appetite.

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                              yes you are correct about the service, and this place is always mobbed, I believe it is the one of (if not) the highest grossing restaurants ($sales) in the United States. I really like the menu and food at GL, eat there a lot, btw I am classically trained Chef and Restauranteur with over 30 years in the business.

                          2. Glacier Ice Cream opened last April. A friend of mine actually owns this store & all of the Ice Cream is homemade, all natural. They Gelato as well....very good!

                            1. grand lux has a large menu and the wait was reasonable since we were 5 people

                              mon ami gabi at paris is wonderful, and you can't beat their prices for steak.

                              1. I went to Big Mama's Soul Food & Rib Shack during one of my last visits to Vegas, and I wasn't overly impressed with the food or the decor. You ordered your food at the counter, and then they would bring the food out to you.

                                I remember ordering some sort of combo. I distinctly remember ordering the pork ribs (no baby backs or beef ribs were available), but forget what the second item of the combo was, maybe the chicken.

                                The location is near the downtown area, which was why I went there at the time. But next time I visit Vegas, I'll likely try Memphis Championship BBQ or K's BBQ first before going back to Big Mama's.

                                1. The Great Moments Room, in the Vegas Club downtown, is a nice value for time-warp "gourmet room" fare. (A better choice than Hugo's Cellar, in my opinion.)

                                  1. Ventano on Horizon Ridge in Henderson is terrific. Friendly service, great Italian and seafood specialties and a million dollar view.
                                    Have fun!

                                    1. Rosemary's can be a pretty good bargain if you go to Restaurant.com and purchase a $25 dining certificate for $10. It works best for singles or couples because it's one certificate per table.

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                                        Or, if you're a female, you can go to Rosemary's on a Wednesday night, which is "ladies night" and all ladies get 50% off on their food and happy hour drink pricing all night long - quite a bargain!

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                                          Does this apply if you order the $55 3-course tasting, or only a la carte?

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                                            3star - here is the applicable section from their website:

                                            Ladies Night at Rosemary's

                                            Every Wednesday evening, all ladies receive 50% off the food portion of their bill if dining with 8 or fewer total guests.* In our lounge, in addition to a food discount, ladies also receive happy hour pricing on drinks all night long. *See restrictions below.

                                            • Discount only given to ladies at tables with 8 or fewer (total) guests, regardless of the gender split
                                            • An 18% gratuity will be added to the pre-discounted amount of ANY CHECK WITH A LADIES NIGHT DISCOUNT
                                            • No separate checks

                                      2. Commanders Palace for lunch is definitely one of the best deals in town!

                                          1. Palm's lunch special is very nice and good buy.

                                            1. Lindo Michoacan is epic Mexican food. Some of the best I've had....and I eat a lot of good Mex...fresh tortillas and tableside guacamole making!


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                                                Seconded. I love all 3 Michoacans...

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                                                  You do realize this thread is two year old?

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                                                    speaking of that, I went to the Great Moments Room site and now it's called the Great Moments Cafe? And I didn't see any tableside stuff on the downloadable menu. Has it changed?