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Sep 21, 2006 08:10 PM

Sequim in October

Some friends and I wil be in Sequim for several nights in early October. Most of the Sequim posts are a couple years old so I was looking for updates on dinner recommendations. Any new places?

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  1. There is a new restaurant in downtown Sequim that is excellent. Alder Wood Bistro at 139 West Alder Street, phone # is 360-683-4321
    I am so happy to have this new restuarant, Sequim does not have a lot of eating places. Also, try Old Mill Cafe off Carlsborg Road, very good.
    That's it.

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    1. re: Michaeel

      Thanks for the recommendation. The Alderwood Bistro was excellent. I was afaid that I would end up at APPLEBEE'S, and you know that is the last place that a Chowhound should dine.

      1. re: JohnnyT

        Yes, great to finally have an excellent place, Alder Wood Bistro, in the fav starter is the calamari w/arugula,ck the specials, Killer lamb /couscous, wild salmon, all most everything local AND organic, just went to a really great slowfood farmers dinner there, thoughtful wine list in sequim!

      2. re: Michaeel

        After everyone's recommendation about the Alder Wood Bistro, my husband and I went had dinner there. It was outstanding!! We are going back this weekend to celebrate our anniversary.

      3. There's a pizza/italian place in Port Angeles (just up the road) called "Bella Vita" or something like that--we had a very good meal there a few years back. Also supposed to be a good Thai place, but I haven't been there.

        When I was a kid we would go to the Three Crabs for (what else?) crab, but I have no idea if it's any good now.

        C'est si bon is fancy, but we had only a mediocre meal there a few years ago.

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          you might be thinking of bella italia for italian. i love c'est si bon (had my wedding rehearsal there) and i always enjoy myself but it's definitely expensive. the last time i was at 3 crabs it had lost its luster.
          for great small-town breakfast go to the oak table in sequim. Togas in PA is supposed to still be really good and has some exotic foods but i've still never been there even though i grew up blocks from it. thai peppers in PA is still as good as most thai in seattle.

        2. The italian place in Port Angeles (roughly 30 minutes or so away) has a good brunch on the weekends, supposedly President Bush's wife says it is good, dunno know if that has any wieght though.

          Three Crabs is great for crab and great view of the Straits and Dungeness Spit. The decor and service is that of a local spot.

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          1. re: fimocreations

            Also, Petals Cafe at Cedarbrook Farm. They do lunch particularly well, with a great ploughman's and also a lamb burger that's fabulous! Their soups are consistently good, and the outdoor seating near lavender fields is wonderful in the summer. Petals is at the south end of Sequim Avenue, on the other side of the highway from the center of town.

          2. We just tried the Three Crabs. It was not a good experience. The crab cakes were mostly breading, and the "home-made" cocktail sauce tasted like catsup. Go for a drink and enjoy the fantastic view, find somewhere else to dine.

            1. Thanks for all your inputs on Sequim. We had a great trip. Sequim is a lovely place.
              Three of us went to the 3 Crabs and thought it was OK. I had the salmon, one friend had the mixed seafood Louie and the other had the seafood platter steamed. It was all OK. Nothing gourmet or outstanding, nothing bad either.

              Another night 2 of us went to the Paradise Cafe, it wasn't anything special. Again not a bad meal, just OK.

              A third night we went to The Old Mill Cafe. We were warned ahead of time that the service would be slow. I would call it super slow. But the meal did come and it was excellent. We both had the cedar planked Salmon which was topped with Crab. The were nice choices of sides, I had the cous cous and my friend had a pasta. I started with the seafood bisque and it was yummy.

              The last night we went to a Japanese Restaurant which I think was called Great House Teriyaki. This was probably the worst meal we had. Orders were messed up, forgotten or brought at the wrong time, the beef teriyaki was awful, and the California rolls did not arrive as pictured in the menu (no masago which I love). We were surprised that the Gyozas were deep friend instead of steamed and lightly sauteed.

              We asked around and looked in the phone book and could not find anyone who had heard of the Alderwood Bistro. We were sad to miss it. Maybe next time.

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              1. re: shedders

                Yes, the Alderwood bistro is new this year, and just catching on, so I'm not surprised few you spoke to had heard of it. In fact, truly good food seems to be just catching on in Sequim, as the retirees are starting to demand food equivalent to where they came from.
                Although there's something sad about seeing established "been-there-forever" restaurants go, I'd rather have delish dining.
                3 Crabs is good for two things: the view and whole steamed crab in season. For two people their whole crab is hard to beat in both taste and price, although the salad, sides and service leave a lot to be desired.
                I'm glad you liked Old Mill; they do dinner quite well, even if the service is slow.
                Great House Teriyaki, now called something else because they've expanded beyond teriyaki and into sushi, is ok for a workday lunch, but if you like teriyaki and ever get to Northeast Portland, definitely go to Du's Grill on Sandy. I know it's not in Sequim, but I used to live near there and it's hard to beat for quantity, price or tastiness, particularly as a to-go meal.
                On the recommendation of this site, I went to Alderwood last week for dinner. They were a mite slow to seat a single person for 7 p.m. on a Thursday, but the service was attentive (my waitress was interesting and knew a lot about both the food and wine) and the food was spectacular, with a salad that featured figs, organic greens, a crumbled cheese and some shredded italian meat (I think it was prosciutto) with an aged balsamic. The starter was warm braided bread with hummus topped with aioli. Don't miss the wood-fired-oven-warmed apple pie with organic vanilla bean ice cream.
                I'm looking forward to taking my family there next week for a birthday dinner, and particularly to some of the chanterelle mushroom dishes they had as specials but I didn't try last time. Yum!