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Sep 21, 2006 07:46 PM

Hip place, Nice Athmosphere, good & affordable food

Hi! H-e-l-p...
Looking to celebrate a birthday this friday...Looking for a place that would have a nice, cool, hip athosphere, with good food and which is affordable. (I know, I want it all). Also, there will be about 12-15 of us, so space, availability or possibility for a reservation last minute is something to consider or may be a concern. We went to SEA (Thai food) in Williamsburg recently and absolutely loved it! So if you've been to Sea and could recommend something similar in NYC, I would greatly appreciate it! Any type of food is really fine, as long as it's not predominantly seafood (birthday girl hates seafood, but loves steak and burgers)
Thank so much! Oh, and if you haven't been to Sea, I recommend it, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Have you thought of Kin Khao? Also Thai, fun atmosphere, great food and neighborhood too. They have an area that looks like it would accommodate large groups although I don't know if they require prix fix or any other sort of guarantee. Have fun!

      1. Pop Burger is great, drinks are pricey though
        Schillers- but may be tough for 12-15

        1. What about highline.....the food's great, rather moderately priced and a fun pace and area for groups

          1. KLONG on Saint Mark's Place? Also Thai and suppose to be very good.

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              After I got almost rotten-tasting shrimp from them, I stopped going.