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Sep 21, 2006 07:36 PM

FoodNetwork Filming in DC [moved from DC board]

Does anyone know where the FoodNetwork was filming today for their new show "Culinary Detective?"

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  1. Based on their recent programming, I'd say Au Bon Pain if you're lucky. Seriously, just look for overmarketed places, corporate places, or factories using industrial ingredients, and you'll find the food channel. Now if PBS is filming a DC food show, that might be interesting to find out locales.

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      They're filming a show called Culinary Detective where they highlight local dives and holes in the walls...and I know they were in DC I was just wondering what "local dive" they were showcasing...I would hope it wasn't a chain or corporate place.

    2. One possibility is Mangialardo's on Penn. Ave near 13th. It's a sub shop/deli (with excellent hard roll subs) and is known as a cop hangout. A featured sandwich is the G-man.

      Based on his appearance on that Alton Brown motorcycle show, I'd think he'd be all over Mangialordo's. Maybe Horace & Dickie's seafood.



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      1. re: KOK

        I hope they at least don't fall back on that old saw Ben's Chili Bowl, a favorite of such productions but one that should have closed years ago. Any bets on Oohhs and Aahhs, or Etete?

      2. I know that Chris had been in touch with e-gullet's forum host, Busboy, early in the summer to get some recommendations. He is avoiding places where Rachael Ray has already filmed, which eliminates a lot of the obvious ones. I actually had a couple of e-mail exchanges with Chris around same that time about his DC visit, and suggested that he consult with Steve Siegel to find the latest and best chowish dives in the area, and also linked him to Tyler Cowan's website. I do know that he looked at Tyler Cowan's list, but don't know whether he was ever in touch with Steve. The last time I bumped into Busboy at the Dupont market was a couple of months ago, and at that point Chris was behind schedule on his filming and hadn't made plans for DC yet.

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        1. re: zoramargolis

          Thanks for mentioning my name Zora, but nobody contacted me. Ah, just as well since my consulting fees are so high. But in lieu of money I do accept onion rings.

        2. Friday the 22nd, they were filming at Cantina Marina learning how to make a "Micheladas".

          1. There's a reason that Ben's has been around for nearly 50-years, and has survived every hardship that has been thrown in its path. Not only is it a DC institution, they continue to serve quality food at reasonable prices.

            If you're tired of Ben's Chili Half-Smokes, then that's fine. But some of us still find ourselves, at times half a world away, sitting in meetings craving one.

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            1. re: Langrrr

              The half smokes are fine--they only come in a pack from Briggs in Baltimore anyway. Not much to grilling up a half smoke. The problem is the inferior chili.

              My "problem" is not with Ben's per se but the media types (Globe Trekker is a recent example) who come in and feature the place as if it's the greatest thing in town. It isn't. It has a (once) well-deserved reputation, but it's been coasting on that reputation for a loooong time. IMHO, it's a real stretch to call their stuff "quality" food. But that's just me.

              That said, off the top of my head I can't think of any better place near downtown to satisfy a chili dog jones, so for that purpose Ben's may be the best available.