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Sep 21, 2006 07:31 PM

frozen shrimp/fish and stir fry veggies from trader joe's?

hey everyone i had posted a message on here over a month ago regarding simple recipes for a single non-cooker. well i havent tried to really cook yet, usually i just broil fish or saute some frozen veggies or whatever cuz i'm usually too lazy to cut up stuff. so my question is should i just season the shrimp and veggies as they're on the stovetop? what spices and sauces do you usually add to give more oomph (for an asiany flavor)? last time i added trader joe's sesame soy ginger vinegarette to just the veggies, but it didnt really do too much.

also, regarding broiling frozen fish, do you usually defrost the fish all day then marinate it for the best flavor or can i just quick defrost it then marinate it for an hour or 2? last time i did the quick defrost then rubbed olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and cilantro on the mahi, put it in the fridge for less than an hour then broiled it but it was pretty bland when i tasted it :( i was pretty bummed. anyway, thanks for all your help and hopefully it'll come out better next time!

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  1. Hi-

    Since you're a T.J.'s shopper buy their alreay cut up FRESH veges, squash and sweet potatoes. Get their simmer sauces and their frozen chicken tenders. Defrost a few chicken tenders, saute with a little EVOO and the cut up veges, then open one of those simmer sauces and pour. Finish cooking stove top and wella YUMMY - Or, get the FRESH pesto and smother a piece of fish with that. You can also get the already done Jasmine rice in the frozen section. Heat in the micro and pour your finished product over the rice. I also saute the cubed yellow squash with the cut up sweet potato. Carmelize with a little maple syrup and butter - yummy combo.

    I never buy T.J.'s frozen fish -don't like it. Fresh is always better -Go to HOWS if you have one near you.

    To put over fish however, defrost over night then get rid of any excess water and juices (that's where all you flavors go instead of on the flesh itself), spread crushed garlic and sprinkle a little EVOO, lemon pepper grinder and sea salt grinder (from T.J.'s). Let it sit for a couple of hours. Then saute. I also love using vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce. Good for sauting chinese veges and fish together. (Get at a 99 Ranch) At T.J's I discovered their package of fresh "chinese" mix and I sauted with the package of Pat Thai - yumm!
    Last, Zergut makes something called Peppetizer - roasted pepper appetizer-It's great over a piece of fish!
    Good Luck :)KQ

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      thanks for the suggestions, KQ. i really enjoy the frozen fish ive had so far from TJ's. i'm on a very tight budget, and fresh fish is always more expensive and i shy away from farm raised fish. also, calories are a concern of mine as well, so i have to use pesto sparingly. not a fan of sweet potatoes either, lol. gotta get me the lemon pepper grinder tho sounds rad! thanks again

      1. re: unocal

        Go to 99 Ranch and check out their fresh seafood dept. Always much cheaper than other places! Also Bangluck Markets are cheap for seafood. - Good luck. :)