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Sep 21, 2006 07:14 PM

Fresh Brown Bread?

Not to talk about the Big E yet again, but one year in the MA house I got this fresh baked brown bread. I haven't seen it since, except the kind in grocery stores in a can. Does anyone know of a bakery or anywhere around Boston that has it, with or without raisins?

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  1. Hi-Rise in Cambridge has Brown Bread that is baked in a can. Haven't tried it but everything else of theirs that I've tried is just incredible. They have the best sandwiches in town.

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      The Hi-Rise brown bread is excellent -- one of my favorite items there. Baked with a slight crust rather than steamed. Very good toasted or untoasted with cream cheese and strawberry preserves. Try it the next time you're in!

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        I detest Hi-Rise and find their sandwiches mediocre, but...I CONFESS....I really LOVE their brown bread. I buy it at the Farmers Markets in Cambridge so I don't have to go in the store, even though it's in my 'hood.

      2. Cote's Market, 175 Salem St., Lowell, phone(978)458-4635, has fresh Brown Bread every Friday and Saturday, which goes with their homemade Cote's Baked Beans, with or without pork. Only two of dozens of homemade soups, casseroles, pies, pastery, breads, etc. available at this neighborhood gem.
        I guess Lowell is "around Boston" and certainly closer than Big E.

        1. HOwdy hounds, we've moved the recipe to the Home Cooking Board. The link is here: