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Sep 21, 2006 07:02 PM

Downtown San Jose

I'm going to be in San Jose for a month to do a play at the Rep there. Staying right by the theatre on Paseo de San Antonio, and DON'T HAVE A CAR (thank goodness I've heard there's a train to SF nearby).

Any recommendations for good eating within walking distance? Looking for both fancy and funky. There must be some good Mexican there . . . Also especially need late night spots for post-show.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Not a lot of late night eating in San's a pretty suburban place. Do a search, I remember reading about late night eating discussed w/i the last couple of months.
    Overall, do a search and you'll get an idea about what's happening in SJ (not much...the resturant biz is pretty stable around here).
    But here goes:
    Fancy-ish (and good)
    71 St. Peter
    The Grill
    Seven (7)- resturant on the Almeda, just past the Area

    The Garage (10th and something, behind SJSU) they have brunch on the weekend, great patio.
    Japantown is a quick lightrail ride north.
    La Taqueria on Santa Clara next to Walgreens....*great* carnitas, chips and salsa.

    Trials Pub (1st st...just north of St. James park....please don't go to the's a terrible "pub")
    Paragon (great bar, solid food)

    Hope that helps!

    1. Original Joe's is open late, old school Italian food with bar, about a block from you. I second La Taqueria, and there's a good taqueria on 4th just before Santa Clara St. The Loft on 1st St is good. I second 71 St. Peter and Seven. Good vietnamese at Vung Tau on Santa Clara St near 11th (lots of other good vietnamese). Dakao is good, cheap, lunch vietnamese, including sandwiches, on San Slavador between 2nd & 3rd. Pizza My Heart is on San Carlos, near San Jose State U., east coast style pizza, slices and salads, I think they're open late. You're area is very safe, so explore and you'll find places. Vietnamese and mexican will be cheap, plentiful and good.

      1. House of Siam right across the street from the Rep has good Thai food.


        1. Hello,

          Also, a few blocks south on 480 E. Williams St. is Nha Toi a Viet restaurant which has been discussed recently, see:

          Mi Pueblo food center on 235 E. Julian, between 5th and 6th a few blocks north of the Rep. is primarily a market but has a little restaurant inside with the al pastor on a spit, these tacos are very good here (I haven’t been in awhile so I’m hoping they are still good). A few tables line the side, not fancy, but really good tacos.

          On Friday and Saturday nights, Las Brasas 763 E. Julian. Serves tacos outside, I’m not sure how late this will go, but I always enjoy going here and sitting out in front. It has a neighborly and comfortable feel, the tacos are pretty good and the beer is just fine.

          Il Fornaio is near on 302 S. Market (in the hotel)—this might work, comfortable, nothing super special food-wise.

          For a superb sandwich go to “Freshly baked eatery” on 152 N. 3rd. street near the athletic club. This is how all sandwiches should be served, i.e., on freshly made bread. Can’t go wrong: fast, efficient service, sit outside under the umbrellas.

          Good Luck

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          1. re: FueledByGnocchi

            I guess if you're in the vicinity of Nha Toi, you could try Dakao at the 3rd & San Salvador - Banh Mi sandwiches and all sorts of Vietnamese prepared/fast foods.

          2. If you have some extra time, you can get up to Mountain View
            on the light rail on the Mountain View/Winchester line (not
            the Santa Teresa/Alum Rock line). You can catch the Mt. View
            train at Paseo de San Antonio. Be aware that for returning, the last train runs around the 11:30 to midnight area.

            If you want to take the train to SF, take light rail toward Winchester and get off at the San Jose Diridon stop (3rd station after Paseo de San Antonio).