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Sep 21, 2006 06:59 PM

rapscallions in reno?

the boss is taking us on a trip to Reno-I suggested the Washoe grill based on reviews. The hotel recommended Rapscallions...anyone know it or have a preference between the two?

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  1. Rapscallion definteily went down hill for a while. In the late 1990s I took some relatives there and was embarassed by the poor quality of the food. This was about the same time they had opened another restaurant in Sparks. They no longer operate the other restaurant. Board member Janet of Reno said within the last year or so the quality was good. I haven't eaten there in a while.
    Rapscallion is potentially the better place to eat, but Washoe Grill might be the safer bet. Maybe Janet can offer some advice.

    1. No real advice here, sorry. I've enjoyed meals at both places recently.