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Sep 21, 2006 06:57 PM

Decent Kosher lunch [Moved from the Manhattan board]

Does anyone know of a kosher restaurant in Manhattan that serves decent food? My in-laws are kosher, but definitely not foodies, and whenever they pick a restaurant I feel like I always need to get a good meal on the way home.


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  1. There are quite a few - my personal favorites are The Prime Grill and La Marais are in midtown - both are steak houses but do have other dishes -

    1. Need more details. Location? Style?

      1. Any style would do. The upper west side or Times Square area would be best, although I'm sure we would go downtown for something good.


        1. Le Marais is probably the best bet. It's reasonably priced, located in Times Sq., and is consistently good if not quite great. It's on 46th, just east of 7th avenue. Abigael's is another Times Sq. option, though I'm not a big fan.

          For higher end and/or a more interesting menu, try Solo in the Sony Arcade on Madison between 55th and 56th.

          1. Azzuri Cafe: This place is cramped, and the Israeli dude (Ezra) behind the counter is one mean SOB, but the food is fantastic. I believe it's on 51st btwn 9th and 10th--closer to 10th. Check the Outer Borough Board.

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