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Sep 21, 2006 06:56 PM

Octoberfest in LA?

Though German food is not my favorite, I have great memories of steins of good beer and platters of delicious sausage the one time I went to Octoberfest in Germany. The Octoberfest held in Orange County at Alpine Village is fun, but the food was a bit dubious. Does anyone know of either a more local version (I think there's one in Montrose) or any German places in town that do it up right.

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  1. Are you confusing alpine village with Old World in Huntington Beach? Alpine Village in Torrance has a big one every year. OTW, check the red lion inn in Silverlake.

    1. The Red Lion in Silverlake is a good bet - good food, beer garden and all.

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        Hven't been there for a couple of years, going there soon. Great Place!

      2. BTW, if you are in OC, I prefer the Oktoberfest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim over the one at Old World in HB. The crowd is tamer and generally older, but the bier and grub are cheaper and i've never been maddogged by a skinhead there...

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          My mistake, I did mean the Alpine Village in Torrance. And now that you mention it, the crowd did get a little scary later into the night. Red Lion is great, does anyone know if the Matterhorn Chef in Van Nuys is still around?

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            Matterhorn in Van Nuys closed down earlier this year.

        2. Alpine Village is pretty hokey and the food pretty gross, but hey, with a large enough stein of beer and the oompah band playing the chicken dance...who cares?