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Sep 21, 2006 06:56 PM

Pearl Sugar

Are there any sources of pearl sugar in Boston? These are the pastille sized nuggets similar in appearance to the large chunks of salt found on soft pretzles.

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  1. You could try

    2346 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02140

    Their site makes it look possible. I googled this for you so I can't give a personal recommendation.

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    1. re: BostonZest

      I'm sorry to report that Verna's went out of business last Saturday. I'd try Dairy Fresh Candies on Salem Street in the North End. You could also try Sur la Table in the Chestnut Hill Mall. If all else fails, mail order from the Baker's Catalogue.

    2. Just the baking supply but also the doughnuts? That would merit an alert on this Board on a separate topic.

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      1. re: Karl S

        No, the donut shop is staying open.

      2. I've gotten pearl sugar at IKEA, in Stoughton. Since it's so popular on swedish treats!

        Maybe, though I haven't checked, you could check the Danish Pastry Shop in Medford, next to Uma's flowers. (I've not been there, so the name might be a little off)

        1. I think Christina's Spice market in Inman Square carries it.

          1. I've gone the IKEA route as well.

            Please let us know if you find a closer source. Thanks!