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Sep 21, 2006 06:55 PM


Any restaurant recommendations for Annapolis?

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  1. sleek & modern - Metropolitan, Kyma, Tsunami

    seafood - Aqua Terra, O'Leary's

    bar food - Boatyard, Ram's Head, Sly Fox

    sushi - Yin Yankee

    places to avoid - most everything around City Dock especially Buddy's

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    1. re: Sop

      I've never been to Yin Yankee - I've always love the Jos Cafe on Main Street. Where's Yin Yankee?

      1. re: heeter

        Yin Yankee is at the foot of Main Street on the left side. Gotta try their banana, coconut dessert!

    2. I'd add Jalapenos (in Parole) for upscale Mexican and Spanish food (one owner's from Mexico, the other from Spain; also Les Folies, on Riva Road (also in Parole) - a good French bistro.

      Kyma's attractive, but many of their tapas taste alike - same sauce.

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      1. re: janebmd

        We have dinner reservations at Les Folies next Saturday...A friend told me that they got a RAVE review in the Wash.Post or Washingtonian Mag...she said reservations will now be hard to get..

        Now I am psyched to go!

        1. re: janebmd

          Thanks, I haven't been to either of these and they look chowish

          Les Folies was in Washingtonian's recent 100 best list:

          Here's their site:

          Have you tried Jalapenos sibling restaurant (Serrano)? There's a link on the Jalapenos website:

        2. As in another thread, I would add O'Leary's, Joss Cafe and Lewnies Steak House. Boatyard is great for barfood and is a good choice as well. Love Yin Yankee, but it's VERY small as are some of the other spots. Galway Bay is a good spot on Maryland Avenue for Guinness after shopping. Hope you enjoy!

          1. I likes Lewnes and Carols Creek. Carols Creek. I really enjoyed Carol Creek's macadami crusted Mahi as well as their cream of carb soup. The setting is also very fun. It is right on the water.

            1. Whenever we're in Annapolis, we go to Chck and Ruths for breakfast. They have the best corned beef has (they use the corned beef from their deli). There's always a line but it goes pretty quickly.