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Sep 21, 2006 06:23 PM

Korean Restaurant with a Variety of Dishes

My friend needs a crash course on Korean food. She will be traveling to Pusan (Busan) in October and would like to get some exposure.

There is only 1 night available for us to get together and do dinner. Unfortunately, I frequent the places that have a specialty.

Can anyone recommend a place that offers a decent variety of Korean food?

We will either end our night at Wien Bakery or Cafe Miaafe to show her what a Korean coffee house is like. Any other Korean coffee/tea house recommendations are welcome, too.


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  1. go to hodori or nakwon. or the food court at the Galleria.

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    1. re: ladius

      I vote on Nakwon. They've got everything there.

    2. Sa Rit Gol is pretty good and they have a variety of things. For better variety, make sure there are more than just the two of you. They have soon dubu, they have bbq dishes, they have fish dishes, they have bibim bahp, they have a nice variety of panchan.

      Explain the situation to the server and get some help there.

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      1. re: Jerome

        I agree, Sa Rit Gol is a good choice for wide variety and quality. Good panchan, soups, fish, and BBQ.

      2. Kobawoo House also has a variety of things done very well.