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Sep 21, 2006 06:16 PM

had a 2 pound lobster at ebb tide-really great!

I love ebb tide. the food is really good

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  1. How much was that repast, if I may be so bold as to ask?

    1. It was about $22. the lobster roll is really good as well.

      1. Can't wait. I recently got back from a trip to Maine. I found a place just across the bridge into Maine from New Hampshire that has the best lobster rolls - warmed buttered bun and sweet fresh boiled lobster meat.

        Warming the bun really makes the roll.

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        1. re: wesfoodie

          wesfoodie, i do not believe ebb tide will do their lobster roll like you described. when i bought my fish sandwich, they did not toast the roll. i got a cold firm hamburger bun.

          if you want a warmed (toasted) buttered roll, go to westfair in westport, ct. they also rub a bit of garlic on the inside of the toasted part, which gives it even more flavor. i much prefer driving the extra 20 miles to go to westport--the ambiance, variety, and quality of the place make it a much more enjoyable experience.

          (side note: you probably will see on these boards that i'm not a ebb-tide lover--i've been there numerous times, and the place gives me a weird feeling. is it because it seems like it doesn't get a lot of business? the people are gruff? they premake the lobster roll (with crab)? it's EVERYTHING--i TRY to go back again and again, hoping that i will like it. but every time, i always feel disappointed that i chose the place)

          1. re: cervisiam

            I guess I should say that I haven't had many lobster rolls elsewhere so I have nothing to compare it to. They serve it on a french baguet which I like. It would be much better if the baguet was toasted and buttered. Also you probably will want to get it to go rather than eating it there

            1. re: cervisiam

              Ebb Tide really should be (and easily could be) better than it is. I've only been there once. Was also a little put off by the high prices for such a low key place. Granted, I didn't get whole lobster, which apparently is the thing to get there. Oh well.

          2. Ebb Tide is great for buying lobsters and cooking them yourself. They overcook their lobsters there and they give AWFUL cooking instructions to patrons buying lobsters to take home. (FYI-once water is boiling no more than 6-8 minutes or you will have a tough lobster! 10 minutes tops after a boil for the big guys) But they do have that docks of Maine feel there which I like and their lobsters are fresh and lively and cranky-which is what you want. Lethargic lobsters mean sick and dying lobsters.

            They also have fantastic steamers. But again, they overcook them, so take them home and prepare them yourself.

            But I love this place for buying fresh seafood. I was raised on fresh lobsters and clams off the boat or out of our own traps/buckets in Maine so I'm pretty picky.

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            1. re: OrganicLife

              where is this restaurant? I only see web references to Massachusetts; but this is a tristate board---

              1. re: OrganicLife

                I've been to Ebb Tide maybe half a dozen times, sometimes the lobsters are cooked to perfection, sometimes they're not. I've heard that they do a nice job of cooking lobsters to-go, if you want them for a party. I do like the atmosphere and it's nice if you have children with you and it's warm enough to sit outside. Most times when I can't go another day without a taste of lobster, I buy one and cook it for myself. I'm a Mainer, too!