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Sep 21, 2006 06:04 PM

Good Contra Costa Breakfast Spots

Since people have started talking about what's good on the other side of the Tunnel, esp. in the Concord Park and Shop strip (see thread on Trader Joe's in Walnut Creek), what about good breakfast places over there? My grandmother likes a place in Concord (name unknown) that I didn't think was all that great, and I'd like to have a counter-suggestion next time.

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  1. Katy's Creek on Locust in Walnut Creek. A bit pricey for breakfast, but a wide range of dishes to choose from.

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      this place got roasted by readers in the Contra Costa Times.

    2. I like Hubcaps. Good omlettes, pancakes are too dry and thick, fake syrup. Sunrise Bistro is also good but a little pricey. I did discover that I do not like brown rice as a breakfast starch!
      Both in Walnut Creek.

      1. Millie's Kitchen, Lafayette. Great traditional breakfasts with tasty home fries. Expect lines out the door on weekends.

        1. Millie's in Lafayette? I don't care for the crowding that much, myself, nor for Sunrise Bistro in Walnut Creek which a lot of people love. I prefer Giant Chef Burger over near DVC - it was familarly called "Momma Fay's" in the '60s when the college drama crowd hung out there after shows. Good hashbrowns and omelettes. The plastic patio enclosure is great when it's raining.

          And then there's always the serve-yourself menudo and chorizo at JJ North's weekend breakfast buffet - excellent!

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            Not sure about Millie's. Seems a bit too "lafayettish" if the rest of you contra costans know what I mean. Best breakfast by far is Hickory Pit in WC. Best breakfast meats, large eggs, crispy waffles, fast service (especially at the very long counter).