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Sep 21, 2006 05:42 PM

Mama's Hot Tamales Flavor Favorites

I’m trying to structure a tamalada and wine evening at Mama’s Hot Tamale Café for our dining group and need some advice on selecting tamales for us to learn about and prepare. I don't have much experience with Mama's. Can anyone out there recommend some can’t-miss delicious tamales from this tiny little cafe with a such a huge selection?


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  1. my all time favorite tamale at mama's is the sweet corn tamale. mmmm!

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    1. re: wilafur

      I agree... and it's very easy but interesting to make! YUM!! :) I also love their black mole tamale. :)


    2. the black bean and squash tamale has been a big hit with about 3 dozen different people I've tried it on. It's on the sweeter side, just FYI.

      I can't remember off the top of my head which other oaxacan and el salvadorean ones are my favorite. but there's one with olives and garbanzo beans that i love. i think it also has potatoes.

      the only one i'm not a big fan of is the riceflour one.

      sounds like a great idea! let us know what goes with what because i would LOVE to taste tamales and wine together!

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        Really? Love tamales. Love wine. But together? Seems more competitive than complementary. But hey, let us know how that goes.

        1. re: Silver Lake Guy

          Ya know, I agree. I love both, but they don't really seem to call each other to dinner. Some sangria, perhaps?

          Personally, I think tamales are better matched with Tecate and lime or a pitcher of margaritas. YRMV, however. No matter what, enjoy!

      2. Regarding wine and tamales. This is an effort suggested and supported by Momma's Cafe. I welcome your comments and will post my opinion after the event. Sometimes I gotta' venture out of the box. Guess this will be one of those times huh.

        1. I don't see why most white wines wouldn't work depending on the filling and composition of the tamal. Even the right red would work with the right tamal pairing.

          1. We went to Mama's Hot Tamales on Friday and tried the platter of 6 tamales with a couple of friends. Not one of them was disappointing. The winners were guayaba and cheese, black bean and squash, mole negro, sweet corn with cheese and rajas, and dessert sweet corn. their Mexican Chocalate Latte was thick, densely chocolate flavored with a slightly bitter kick at the end. Fabulous! Thanks for all your tips.
            As far as the tamale tasting with wine pairings, it's in the works. Will report back.


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              How much did the 6 tamale platter cost? Can you choose ANY six tamales that they offer on their extensive menu?

              1. re: HBfoodie

                You chose the 6 tamales from a long list. The cost is $13.95. $1 from every tamale sold goes to the non-profit and the rest goes to the person who assembled the tamale. They also offer a variety of combo platters including rice and beans at about $6.95 each.
                These tamales were unique and worth it.