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Sep 21, 2006 05:38 PM

Anyone been to EUZKADI lately (E. Village)??

How is the food, service and vibe at Euzkadi lately? I've been meaning to check it out.

Is it relaxing, or are the tables crammed really close together?


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  1. Oh...and how does Euzkadi compare to Pintxos in Tribeca regarding food, atmosphere and price?


    1. I went to Euzkadi a couple of months ago to try their Tapas out during 4th of July weekend. The tapas themselves were decent in price and tasted good. However, the service was somewhat slow even on a mundane night. Portion wise, you may not be all that thrilled, I like Sala (downtown) a lot more for the money. Ambience, its a bit dark yet inviting with its outdoor allure from the inside. It has its own flavor, one in which I'd visit once in a while.

      1. Hi Foodaholic,

        What do you mean about Sala when you said "...inviting with its outdoor allure from the inside"?


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          Hi Liquid,

          I wrote that reply in a slight hurry while at work, so excuse the poor writing. But the outdoor comment was meant for Euzkadi. It has large open spaces (wide open doorway too) which makes it pleasurable for both outdoor and indoor dining. Its not a flashy place by any means, but unique in its own right.

          Check out their site: