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Sep 21, 2006 05:29 PM

turkey chile recipe

Huge fan of Mexican food especially chile...I'm trying to make it slightly healthier than is customary...any slightly healthy recipe ideas?

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  1. Isn't chili a Tex-Mex dish? Just wondering ... at any rate, I usually just substitute ground turkey for the beef or use 1/2 ground turkey 1/2 ground beef. Really, if you use lean ground beef and more beans, then it's not so very high-fat, I don't think unless you smother it with cheese and sour cream. My favorite chili is Epicurious Chipotle Beef Chili with Lime Crema (you can use low-fat sour cream and use it as a garnish, not a glopped on topping).

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      Yes, chili is not a Mexican dish. Tex-Mex or Southwestern is more like it and of course it varies all over the southwest.

    2. We do turkey chili alot. I don't have the exact recipe but we use ground turkey, tomatillos ( pureed in the blender first) green cilis, jalepeno and black beans. We also add a little chilies in adobo. Cilantro to top.

      1. Rachael Ray has a great turkey chili recipe I've been meaning to try. It gets rave reviews on FoodTV website. I won't post it here because it's easy enough to find.

        1. I make chili with chicken because I'm not crazy about ground meat in general. You can just roast the chicken separately, or if you're ambitious, simmer it and use the bones to make stock. But I'm not, so while it's roasting, I do the following

          Start sauteeing an onion and maybe a little garlic in the bottom of a big pot.
          Fill the pot about halfway up with water and a couple of cubes of bouillon
          Throw a whole bunch of halved or quartered tomatillos in there, and snip rounds of long hot peppers with a pair of kitchen scissors in as well.
          Add some new potatoes, quartered.
          Let all of this cook until soft, then blend up about half of it to thicken. You may want to blend up all or most of the tomatillos.
          Pour the the blended half back in and add white beans. Add shredded chicken. Add spinach or other healthy green of your choice, if you want. Add a big pinch of cumin.
          Add chopped cilantro at the very last to maintain freshness.
          Serve with a little shredded cheese, or some sour cream, or avocadoes, or nothing. I don't know if this is authentic, but it's real good.