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Sep 21, 2006 04:57 PM

Loop Business Dinner for 25

I am organizing a work dinner in October and would like to try somewhere new. In the past we have only gone to Wildfire and Maggiano's and need to get away from that, but want something at the same price point. We also need a crowd-pleasing, not very adventurous menu, but still good food. Does anyone know of a loop restaurant that fits the criteria, and also has a private room?


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  1. La Luce in the West Loop (Lake Street, almost to Ashland, near the United Center) is a very nice restaurant featuring Northern Italian dishes with a private room upstairs. Prices are moderate and food is good (and different than Magianno's, which tends feature more Southern Italian, red sauce dishes).

    1. Zest (on Michigan in the Intercontinental) - has a private room that you can book for free (you just pay for the cost of your food, which is rare for hotel restaurants). The food is excellent contemporary American, and at least at lunch the prices are shockingly reasonable for the level of food.

      Parthenon in Greektown (Halsted, South of Adams) has a great private room (although it might be too big for your party, they can probably divide it to be smaller) and is reasonably priced. There are a bunch of other Greektown restaurants that have private rooms, most are also good.

      Vong's Thai Kitchen (State and Hubbard) is slightly more expensive, but it has a somewhat smaller private room, that can still accommodate 25 people (I would think, I was there with a party of 20 and we didn't feel cramped). The food isn't particularly authentic Thai, but it is good, and there are many options for unadventurous eaters.

      1. A little outside the loop, but Marche (French) and Carnivale (Latin) both have plenty of room for big parites. Marche has a cool room in the back and Carnivale has a good second floor room with a private bar - it could probalby seat 50? Both are in/near West loop. They both have good web sites if your interested. I favor Carnivale. For that matter Red Light (Asian) has a good room as well. They're all run by a related group of people.