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Sep 21, 2006 04:49 PM

Falafel King - Winter Street near Park T - good deal

A co-worker introduced me to this place, at the back of the indoor Winter Street arcade, which is funky and dingy in its own wonderful way. (Not to be confused with the downtown crossing food court)

Greeted with a free falafel dipped in hummus - yummy!

Had the falafel sandwich, which was three falafels, broken into pieces, with lettuce, tomato and I think pickled peppers and smothered in a yogurt-tahini sauce. $4 is a really good deal for this sandwich, which was filling enough to satisfy but doesn't make me want to curl up and take a 2 hour nap like Chacarero.

I found the falafels to be of good quality and fresh tasting, which contradicts some other posts I've seen (in particular one from 2004, so maybe they have improved).

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  1. It's so funny that you posted this now. I just returned from lunch here, and as I was eating, I thought "gee, this is so good, I should mention it on Chowhound". I had the Veggie combo platter, which was Hummos, Baba Ganouj, grape leaves, falafel, tabbuleh, greek salad and a big slice of pita bread, for only $6.50.

    Yes, it's delicious, the portions are huge, the falafel is crispy and spicey, the side salads come with lots of cucumber, red pepper, fresh lettuce and lots of feta. They also make a really killer braised lamb shank.

    Don't let the long line put you off. When I went today, the line was out to Winter St., yet I was in and out with my lunch within 10 minutes.

    Oh, and by the way, the tiny Chinese place that is in the same arcade is also excellent. Really cheap and very tasty food.

    1. Wow - there was no line at all when I went there shortly after 12, guess I got lucky.

      Will definitely try the platter in the future.

      1. IMO best falafel in boston... and they are so sweet!

        1. The Falafel is yummmy and so is the chicken kabob wrap!

          1. Hello Darling!! i thought i was the one of a few that he greeted this way- but it is almost everyone.. this is the best falafel and grape leaves downtown