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Sep 21, 2006 04:29 PM

AUS In search of the best steak

I searched the boards & found no dedicated Austin steak discussion in 2006, so are any of you AUS chowhounds able to contribute your current best steak recommendations? If you tell me a place like Sullivan's is the best, I'll listen, but I'm really looking for something with Austin flavor.

All input welcome! Thanks,

New to Austin

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  1. Austin Land and Cattle (*not* Texas Land and Cattle) is my favorite steak house. The folks at Chez Nous sure know how to cook a steak, too.

    1. Hi -

      There was a brief discussion in May:

      I love going to The is a funky old place (I think from the 1930s) with great old diner ambiance. The steaks have a tangy butter sauce and are always juicy and satisfying. Not much of a menu, but a cool unique steak experience.

      1. Eddie V's has the requisite hotter than Hell grill needed to coax the most flavor out of the beef. The big Ribeye is built for two.Sit in the lounge and get half off apps during happy hour.

        1. Dee, oops, you are so correct, I did see the May discussion. But as you say, it was brief, and I confess, I got distracted by the Gumbo's reference and went down the Cajun/Creole rabbit trail, LOL. Anyway, thanks for offering your rec of the Hoffbrau.

          Gadbois & Scrumptious, great tips, esp. about Chez Nous doing a good steak & the happy hour apps deal at Eddie V's.

          Keep 'em coming, rare to medium rare!

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Hoffbrau is one of the last of the "old Austin" places, it maintains, with the exception of their additon of a chicken breast to better conform with "modern" eating habits, the same atmosphere as it had 35 years ago. El Patio on the Drag is another, Matt's another. But most of the other joints are long gone. So, as far as eating a steak that bleeds (ha!) Austin atmosphere, this is the place. In the old days they had an old manual cash register upon which the owner always rang up zeros! Taxman issues??? Anyway, the meat they use, or used to use, was not the best, but the experience and flavor are not to be duplicated. Sorry, I ate at Eddie V's exactly once and I plan to keep it that way. Not sure why it gets all the raves, I had an overpriced horrible meal. Horrible. "how far should I bend over?" is the question i should have asked. at least they were gracious enough to deduct the small fortune they charged for my rubber shrimp entree. Best steak? Buy a nice thick steak of your choice...thick...and let it dry age in the back of your fridge for a week or two...then heat a cast iron skillet as hot as you can get it for 15-20 minutes and have at it...3-4 minutes per side. yum.
              Austin Land and Cattle is pretty good, though and Chez Nous does a decent French-style steak, maybe a hanger steak if my memory serves me well...just my opinion. or cash in some frequent flyer miles and go to Peter Luger's in Brooklyn.
              Wait, I just remembrered the Backstage Steakhouse out on Hwy 71 in Spicewood, it is the domain of Raymond Tatum who was chef at Jeffery's for many years...I've eaten there and the food is excellent, very Austinish, but I have not had a steak there...but, I understand they are some of the best in town. Knowing Raymond, they probably are.