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Sep 21, 2006 04:14 PM

China trip in October

Will be traveling to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Guangzhou...any recommendations for good eats?

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  1. Have you done a search on this board? There are many good threads about these 3 places.

    1. a few yummy local places in hk: for chiu chou cuisine, a place called "leung hing" in sheun wan is authentic and absolutely delicious - one of my favorites is fish noodles (i.e., noodles made from fish)... "gou gay" in central is famous for beef brisket noodles... "queen's cafe" in causeway bay/happy valley is a great hong kong style american cafe... long history and a must with great lunch specials!

      1. LG - Please see my other posts from today for a few of my thoughts about Beijing and lots of other great recommendations from other posters in those threads.