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Sep 21, 2006 03:06 PM

Pizza in malden

Finding good pizza in the Boston area is a tough task for this former Jersey boy so, this may be a stretch but, I'm going to ask if anyone can recommend a good pizza joint around the area of the Malden Center T stop? Anything close to the likes of NY/NJ style pizza (thin crust, gooey cheese, tangy flavorful sauce, pies more than 18 inches in diameter ~ I know that's a REAL stretch)? Driving small distance is OK. Please, no greek style and thanks in advance...:)

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  1. try Avellino's in Medford - don't know how far it is from you, but having lived in NY for 8 years, this place does not dissapoint. Not to mention the gigantic portions for the menu fare - and their weekday specials, 2 large pie for $10 - google it or try the link below - you won't be sorry!

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      I ordered from Avellino's tonight (the Malden location, as I live in Melrose) to check it out, and was sorely disappointed; as delivered, the crust was so tough and stiff that it was virtually inedible (I ordered 2 different pies, and both were this way). A bare minimum of sauce and cheese (I actually don't like a lot of either, but this was the barest of each). Didn't remind me of good NY pizza at all.

    2. Bianchi's in Revere has pretty amazing pizza. It's pretty close to New York-style, I'd say.

      1. Is there some reason that you don't recommend the Malden location for Avellino's? It has a location in Malden, too.

        1. OK, I once heard someone in a bar RAVE about Two Paisan's Pizza in Malden Center. He was pretty convincing. Was he just nuts or drunk?

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            I worked in Malden Center for a year in 2004/5 and ate at Two Paisan's fairly often as it was one of the very limited options for quick lunch near my office.

            I found the pizza to be pretty good and loved their calzones (I would do a make-my-own creation w/artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, sauteed onions, spinach, tomato sauce and just a touch of cheese - yum!)

            Like I said, it was pretty good - but since I stopped working there I haven't been back for it as I live as close to Malden as I do to the North End.

            1. re: heathermb

              Do you recall if the pizza is a new york style? As in, a big ol' triangular foldable thin (but not too thin)

              1. re: tamerlanenj

                Not super big, but thin, yes and not crispy.

          2. BTW, I'm also from New Jersey and have shared your pain for four years. There are only a couple palces in Boston that really come close to satisfying me:

            1)Newbury Pizza in the Back Bay.
            2)Santarpio's in East Boston
            3)A well done Regina's pie (on a good day.)
            4)T. Anthony's at the corner of Babcock and Comm. in Allston.

            Honestly, that's about it, and even the above places don't hit that SPOT 100%. I long for the big, drippy, foldable, slices from Pizzatown USA in Elmwood Park and PJs in New Brunswick.