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Vermont Suggestions

Good Morning,
I'm going to be spending a week in Vermont to look at foliage, and do some general sightseeing. Homebase for the week is Bondville, but we're taking a bunch of daytrips to pay homage to Ben and Jerry and Magic Hat. I already know about Up for Breakfast in Manchester, are there other recommendations you can share? My only requirment is that there be vegetarian options on the menu for my traveling companion.
TIA for all of your help!

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  1. I really like Blanche and Bill's Pancake House (on Route 4 in Bridgewater Corners, (802) 422-3816). Wonderful breakfasts.

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      A leaf peeper driving up Rt 100 to Ben & Jerry's could certainly hit Blanche & Bill's. It's about an hour from Bondville. It's maybe 1/2 mile east on Rt 4E at the 4/100 intersection.

      In the Killington area, I personally prefer Sugar & Spice on Rt 4W in Mendon for breakfast. ... 10 minutes out of the way if you're doing Rt 100. On Sundays, Choices at the top of the Killington Access Road also has an excellent brunch.

    2. In the Bondville area I enjoy the 3 Clock Inn (Londonderry) or the Chanticleer in Manchester.

      In the Burlington area and very close to Magic Hat Brewery is chef owned "Taste"- It's right on the waterfront and has a beautiful view of the sunset over Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. The food and atmosphere are wonderful! Lots of vegetarian options...

      Hope you enjoy your trip- I was just driving in the Jay Peak area- close to peak color in the high elevations already!

      1. American Flatbreads in Waitsfield. They only serve on Friday and Saturday nights.

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          I second Flatbreads, as well as Penny Cluse Cafe in Burlington.

        2. For your Burlington area day trip(s)...definately go to Tommy's City Grill for lunch. It's on Shelburne Road (Route 7) just north of the I-189 intersection in Shaws Plaza (about a mile north of Magic Hat). This place has fast become our lunch spot of choice. EXCELLENT food. Many vegetarian options. They have your standard burgers & dogs (meat or no meat), fries, chicken sandwiches etc, but also a great mexican menu. I believe they have a website.
          In Burlington itself, A Single Pebble is my favorite restaurant. They are now open for lunch. Authentic Chinese food with many, many vegetarian options.

          1. Penny Cluse in Burlington does great breakfast and lunch.

            1. We love the restaurant at Simon Pearce - a glass blowing factory in Quechee (http://www.simonpearce.com/CSTM_resta...). It overlooks the river, and the view is stunning. We actually drive there from Connecticut a couple of times a year just to have lunch! Their food is always excellent, and they use their glassware at the restaurant. You could then go to Quechee Gorge - the "Grand Canyon" of Vermont.

              1. Try the local chow board.


                The best brew pub in state IMHO has to be the Alchemist in Waterbury.

                1. How about spending an afternoon/evening in Brattleboro? The downtown is great for walking around; lots of cute little shops and bars and restaurants. Have a beer or two at McNeil's Brewery on Elliot St., or cocktails at Metropolis Wine Bar (also on Elliot). Take in a movie at the town's classic old theater, the Latchis. Have dinner at 39 Main or Peter Havens or any one of a number of spots.

                  Here's a thread on Brattleboro from elsewhere:

                  1. These are all great recommendations! We're actually going to the literary festival in Brattleboro the 6th and 7th of October, so I'll keep these in mind as well.

                    1. Anna Banana -- So, where did you go? (I'm going to Stratton this winter, which is pretty much right in Bondville, and am curious what you discovered).

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                        So sorry for the delayed response! Highlights of the trip included two trips to Up for Breakfast( A must when in the area) just "ok" mexican food at the Bean in Manchester Center, really good Guacamole though.
                        Also, don't go to the Little Rooster, while the food was good, the service was ruse and unfriendly.

                      2. If leaf peepers are in the Burlington area and are looking for an honest to gosh Vermont diner I suggest Libby's Blue Diner just north of town on RT 2& 7 (they are the same at that point)...and if you want to take leaves home with you there are plenty in my yard free for the taking.

                        1. About 20 miles west of Brattleboro is Wilmington, VT. At 41 West Main Street, about 500 feet west of where route 9 and 100 intersect, is the Red Shutter Inn & Restaurant (redshutterinn.com). My cousin and I had been driving for several hours and as soon as we saw the sign, we pulled into the driveway and took a chance. It was great! The service was wonderful and personal, and we were treated like long-lost relatives. I had one of the best stuffed chicken breasts ever. There aren't many vegetarian choices, but the chef is very accomodating and will improvise from whatever's on the menu for you.

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                            I live in the area and tried to have dinner at the Red Shutter but walked out. We were seated and left for 20 minutes beforoe I finally called the waitress over and told her we would like cocktails. The 3 of us ordered drinks and 20 minutes later, the drinks had still not arrived. The place was not that busy, perhaps 4 other tables.
                            We got up and walked out after waiting for 45 minutes.
                            Terrible service. This place has changed hands frequently over the last several years and these new owners have a lot to learn about running a restaurant.

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                              Hi RichK. Right, they told us they had just bought the place about six months prior to our visit, October 7th. We arrived just in time to get seated without a reservation. About 20 minutes later, it was packed, and the wait staff (including the owners) were up to the task. Maybe you visited before they got their game plan worked out.

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                                Sorry kenschuster, we were there on Septemebr 23rd, more than enough time to work the kinks out.

                          2. Five Spice in Burlington for great asian, dim sum, a lot of vegetarian. Also in town there's Smokejacks for great cheese plates and a good wine list. Pennycluse for breakfast, definitely.

                            1. If you are on Rt 7, there is a simply wonderful place called Starry Night....amazing food and wonderful ambiance.
                              in the town of vergennes is a great find called The Black Sheep Bistro. they have a wonderful menu of all apts are 5, entrees 15, dessert 5. they also bring out a nice basket of gourmet fries with delish dipping sauceS.

                              also, if you are looking for a truly amazing Bed and Breakfast experience, then i can think of any where better than The Whitford House Inn....i forget the specifics of where. but the owners are lovely people, the rooms are all cozy and welcoming, and the house is beautiful. they do have a cat and a couple dogs, so make sure your lap is ready for an animal.

                              Also, Middlebury has some good dining, esp Storm Cafe (WEIRD hours) and Tully and Marie's has wonderful brunch.

                              i love vermont and hope some of you get a chance to check out Starry Night and Black Sheep