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Sep 21, 2006 02:45 PM

Quick! Forest Hills After Work Gathering

Is there an after work/happy hour place in Forest Hills that can accomodate 20 or so people at a bar other than TGIF (the only place the organizer has so far come up with)?? Does Tango Mambo have a bar area? I like Bourbon Street, but they seat people in the bar area which doesn't leave much room. And Sargent Garcia's area is sort of small too. And this isn't really a Bartini's crowd. Anything else I'm missing??

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  1. not exactly in forest hills, but on austin st in kew gardens is the austin ale house which can accomodate a group.

    1. what about the irish's on a side street btwn austin and QB...maybe 72nd road?
      small bar with jukebox. nothing special...but polar opposite of bartini.
      great buffalo wings.

      1. what about the wine gallery, closer to ascan avenue on austin. there is a amall bar /restaurant on continental (next to the hair cutting place across from bartini) that might work

        1. How about five burros? And there are a few bars on metropolitan that I've never been to, but may fit the bill.

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            love 5 burros, but 20 ppl at the bar. tight squeeze!

            1. re: ceeceee

              Go to St.James Bar on Metropolitan Ave. about 73rd / 74th St. Big bar, nice back atrium, not bad food. Great friendly staff, comfortable, nice decor.

          2. The original comment has been removed