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Sep 21, 2006 02:30 PM

Food Court at Super 88

Boy do I wish I were a student again...I could live at the Super 88 Food Court! Yesterday I picked up some Beef Chow Foon at Kantin and some Har Gow and Rolled Pork things at the Dim Sum Chef. The Dim Sum was very good and the Chow Foon was as good if not better than any I have gotten in Chinatown and at $5.75 a great deal. Next I am going to try some Stir fried green beans and Eggplant in garlic sauce at Kantin and maybe some Garlic Naan at the Indian restaurant.

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  1. We were at the food court early this week and tried the Indonesian restaurant Jakarta Corner. Not having Indonesian food before I couldn't comment on authenticity, but the owner went to great lengths to describe each dish and the region it came from. I had the Madura Chicken Satay which was very tasty and peanutty.
    I'd go back to try other things. We also had spring rolls at Pho Viet which tasted very fresh.

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      TC and I ate at the Jakarta Corner stall last week; we really liked it. It seemed like homey, simple kind of meal; some veggies, some protein, some rice, a little pickle. A nice plate, and yes, very nice owners. They added a spicey marinated egg to my order after i asked what they were. The kang Kung Belacan, which was served spicey as requested, came with two fried tofu chunks, rice and cucumbers.
      We were originally going for banh mi, but they were out. I'm not a big fan of the soups at Pho Viet so far, but I love those banh mi.

    2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've only tried the Dim Sum place a couple times but I was impressed both times at the quality. How busy was it? I always go to the Super88 food court late (past 9 PM) so there's next to no one at the Dim Sum place and I worry that it doesn't get enough business.

      1. Many super 88's around these days, which one has the food court?

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          The one in Allston/Brighton on Comm. Ave.

        2. The Udon Dol (spelling?) at the Korean place is one of my favorites.

          1. BTW, have a look at this recent related thread:

            Should emphasize Ken's Ramen. which is the only decent ramen in the Boston area that I've encountered.

            Jakarta Corner has a mini "ristaffel" -- rice in the centre with a good topping of caramelized shallots, an ok vegetable fritter, a very coconut milk rich sayoh lodeh/veg curry (could use more turmeric), an excellent boiled egg with a spot-on sambal/chilli sauce, fairly good beef rendang (slight edge to Spice King), perfect ikan billis/spicy sweet fried anchovies with peanuts and a cool cucumber pickle. very reasonably priced ~$6 iirc. Pandan cake had great texture but needs more pandan flavour. Noticed pineapple cookies there, will have to try some; might spare me the effort of getting them shipped from home.