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I'm going this evening and would appreciate dish recommendations.


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  1. the whole grilled branzino is awesome

    1. the small meze dishes are great, especially the yogurt and the eggplant.

      1. Beyoglu is definitely a mezzes-oriented place, so that's what we concentrated on when we ate there. We also tried the main course donner kebab, which was first rate.

        1. Concur w/ mezzes - wasn't as thrilled w/ main courses, though don't remember what we had.

          1. The mezzes are almost the sole reason to go for some folks, which would include me. The main courses were okay, but for the price of just an average entree, my group and I figured we could get additional better tasting mezzes instead.

            1. the vegetarian platter (which is just a sampling of all the mezzes everyone else mentioned) and the swordfish kebab are great. And I agree that the grilled branzino is great as well. The place seems to be always crowded, even when it's pouring rain outside...so it has a very loyal clientele. In fact, I have plans to go there tonight!

              the only thing that bothers me when I go there...the beer is always onlyl slightly colder than room temp.