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Sep 21, 2006 01:10 PM

What do you do with lard? [moved from Boston board]

I hope this isn't a digression, but what exactly do you all DO with good lard? I have a pound or so of clean, lovely beef fat in my freezer (trimmed from a fatty but delicious Whole Foods roast) and I was wondering what to do with it--melt it and make old-school french fries?

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  1. I don't use lard often, especially as I've had a hard time finding it, but I used to use lard to brown bratwurst and other sausages. Must sound silly but it was part of the ritual and seemed authentic. I'd also tried using lard instead of butter or oil at various times cooking, for instance the stir fry mentioned below sounds good.

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      Hey this is an old thread! Just a few weeks ago I made up some great green chili stew using lard to brown the pork and onions.

    2. I use pork lard. Carnitas, biscuits, pie crust etc.

      1. fry it slowly in little pcs. drain & cool the fat, sub for half of butter in any savory pie doug, like an italian pizza rustica

        1. Lard is the rendered fat from pigs, it is NOT beef fat. Render beef fat is NOT good in baking or pie dough. It is also not use in carnitas, beans, etc. If you render it, you can use it for French Fries. It has a very low smoking point so it is probably best to use it together with some vegetable type oil or crisco.

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            Beef fat is tallow, pork fat is lard, right?

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              Tallow can be from cattle, horse or sheep.

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                Unrendered beef fat is suet (preferably from around the kidney; just like pork lard -- the fat around the kidney of mammals is what most large predators aim for first when eating their kill....).

                Rendered suet is tallow. The stuff that once made McDonald's french fries the envy of many, but no more (at least in the US).

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                  dont understand what this abt when it says 'render beef fat is NOT good for pie dough'. isnt suet pastry pretty standard for pies??

            2. You know, I never thought about this. This might help you with your beef fat