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Sep 21, 2006 02:09 PM

Dinner in Hagerstown, MD

I'm meeting a friend in Hagerstown, MD to catch up and do some shopping. Neither one of us is too familiar with the area, but it is a good meeting point for us. Can anyone recommend a nice place to have dinner? I will eat any type of food, though my friend is more limited--I think her preferences are American, Mexican, Italian, and seafood (any variety). It doesn't have to be fancy, but should have tasty food and nice atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. The House of Kobe has really really good Japanese food. You can sit at a regular table or hibatchi style where they prepare the food in front of you -- sushi available too! There is a great Italian restaurant in the area -- the name escapes me. It has been two years since I lived in that area. I will search for the name of the rest. and post again.

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      Thanks for the suggestions...and for looking into the name of the Italian place.

    2. We had some good Mexican at El Ranchero. Very reasonable, friendly management. They also had live music (not sure how often, this was Cinco de Mayo weekend).

      1. I believe Schmankerl Stube would fit the bill. A surprisingly elegant Bavarian restaurant right downtown. Everything from wursts to schnitzel to hassenpfeffer.

        1. Thanks to everyone who has posted so far. I'm not meeting my friend until 9/29 or 9/30, so please feel free to continue offering suggestions. Thanks!

          1. I know it's too late to recommend any places now but the Italian restaurant may have been Al Pomodora which is located at 1101 Opal Court, (301) 739-0440. It's in an office building and doesn't look like much but we ended up there one evening when Nick's Airport Inn (another very good place for dinner) was closed for renovation.

            Pomodore has excellent food in a contemporary, casual atmosphere. It's become one of our favorite places to stop in for late Saturday afternoon cocktails and stay for dinner.

            Nick's Airport Inn, on Route 11, just off Rt 81 near the PA border is a staple on our list of favorite restaurants. Plush carpeting and also features live piano music, classic decor and Greek food. One side of the menu features familiar meals that Nick's has had for years, the other side are the new chef's creations and we've never been disappointed with anything we've tried.

            Moderate pricing at both restaurants, for business or occassion meals go to the Airport Inn, for dates and meeting friends try Al Pomodore.

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              Thanks for the great recs. Hagerstown turns out to be a very convenient meeting spot for me and my friend, so I'm sure we'll have a chance to try these places sometime soon!