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Sep 21, 2006 02:02 PM

Monday Breakfast in Philly (and what to do?)

Taking my husband to Philly as a surprise for his b-day coming up. We've both wanted to try Morimoto for awhile (never done Omakase before!), and have a reservation for Sunday night, October 8th. We'll be staying at the Marriott Downtown.

Can anyone suggest a good place for breakfast on Monday morning, before we trek back to DC?

Also, if we get up early on Sunday,suggestions of stuff to do would be great.....


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  1. The Sofitel has a lovely breakfast buffet. MTO omlets, eggs benedict, fruit, breads, smoked salmon, etc. Not sure if it is weekdays.....

    1. The Cafe at Nineteen at the Park Hyatt (in the Bellevue, 19th Floor) is great. I believe they start serving breakfast around 6 am and you are looking out over the city.

      If you are a coffee lover, make sure to order the "one cup brew" -- fantastic!

      1. You may want to walk through the Reading Terminal Market Monday morning depending what time you are leaving. The Dutch won't be there but it's still fun to see and shop, it picks up around 9ish. As for Sunday, the Phillies are home against the Marlins at 1:05pm and you could easily hop on the subway which only runs north and south and is like $3 for a round trip to the stadiums(follow the crowd to get into the stadium).

        1. I'd go to the Down Home Diner in the Reading Terminal Market across the street from your hotel. The restaurant run by Jack McDavid has American specialty breakfasts and lunches using all fresh and where possible local ingredients. Also very good, great atmosphere and you get to see the market. For dessert browse and stop at the Famous 4th St deli cookie stand.

          As for Sunday in Philly. The Constitution Center is a great new museum, the Eastern State Penitentiary is open for tour and exploration and is VERY unique. Or walk south to Pine, east to 2nd South to Bainbridge and wander around. Great neighborhoods and Philly street life. Architecture, stores and food. Enjoy

          1. I heard "Sabrina's" is excellent. Long wait on weekends. I don't know if they are open on Mondays. Definitely worth the research to find out and try it.