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Sep 21, 2006 01:57 PM

Thanks for Rec of Lakeside Deli!

Thank you to all those chowhounds who recommended the Lakeside deli for Dim Sum. Because it is off the beaten-path in Chinatown (9th & Race), the prices were phenominal.

We had the steamed pork dumpling (served with great sauce) Would rate a 3.5 out of 5,
Chiu chow shrimp roll (again, great sauce), 4 out of 5,
chinese brocolli with oyster sauce, 5 out of 5,
stuffed eggplant, 5 out of 5,
and sesame cold noodles 5 out of 5.

The sesame noodles were a bit spicy, but it was not indicated on the menu. I loved them, but my husband thought that they were too spicy (he hates spicy food). The tea was brewed from leaves and was refreshing. The hostess/waitress was extremely friendly and nice. It is not a fancy place, but we sdidn't go there for atmosphere. We wanted well-priced great food and that is exactly what we got. We were stuffed and I even have leftover sesame noodles for lunch today.

Any other great dishes anyone recs? Thanks again!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Lakeside! I posted our thoughts and recommendations last week:

    I forgot to mention the crispy stuff - calimari and other seafood coated with a light and crisp topping.

    The best thing to do is to go back and keep trying a few new dishes along with the old favorites. I can't give up the beef/peanut dumplings! I don't care for spicy food, so my recommendations don't include any of that.


    1. Thanks! I marked my take out menu for what to order for next visit based on your recommendations.

      Anyone order anything else there? Their rice platters are extremely reasonably priced.

      I can't wait to go back!

      1. I'd like to add to the request for recs. I partake in all of the above when I go, with some substitutions. This weekend my family will be visiting. I posted a request for lunch(not brunch), anywhere in CC besides Chinatown. After a lack of responses I decided to go to Chinatown and to Lakeside. There will be a 13 yr. old with us but she is pretty open to food. Some non-seafood recs would be good if possible. I'll try to remember everything and report back if there is anything that really hits the spot and hasn't been mentioned. Also, does anyone have any dessert recs down there besides Capogiro?
        PS. Sylvia, Do you remember what the calamari dish was called?

        1. shrimp wonton noodle soup
          dim sum sample platter
          shrimp cheung fun
          oyster pancake

          1. We were wondering, what is in the dim sum sample platter? Also, can you describe the other items that you mentioned (especially the shrimp cheung fun and the oyster pancake). Thanks!

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              i know the sample platter has turnip cakes, shrimp dumplings, i think pork dumplings and maybe some other stuff. shrimp toast maybe?

              shrimp cheung fun is large, wide flat rice noodles wrapped around shrimp. if you're getting steamed shrimp dumplings it might be redundant to get shrimp cheung fun because it's basically the same thing, just in slightly different form. the oyster pancake is basically like a small oyster/scallion omelette that lends itself nicely to being doused with hot sauce.