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Thanks for Rec of Lakeside Deli!

Thank you to all those chowhounds who recommended the Lakeside deli for Dim Sum. Because it is off the beaten-path in Chinatown (9th & Race), the prices were phenominal.

We had the steamed pork dumpling (served with great sauce) Would rate a 3.5 out of 5,
Chiu chow shrimp roll (again, great sauce), 4 out of 5,
chinese brocolli with oyster sauce, 5 out of 5,
stuffed eggplant, 5 out of 5,
and sesame cold noodles 5 out of 5.

The sesame noodles were a bit spicy, but it was not indicated on the menu. I loved them, but my husband thought that they were too spicy (he hates spicy food). The tea was brewed from leaves and was refreshing. The hostess/waitress was extremely friendly and nice. It is not a fancy place, but we sdidn't go there for atmosphere. We wanted well-priced great food and that is exactly what we got. We were stuffed and I even have leftover sesame noodles for lunch today.

Any other great dishes anyone recs? Thanks again!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Lakeside! I posted our thoughts and recommendations last week:


    I forgot to mention the crispy stuff - calimari and other seafood coated with a light and crisp topping.

    The best thing to do is to go back and keep trying a few new dishes along with the old favorites. I can't give up the beef/peanut dumplings! I don't care for spicy food, so my recommendations don't include any of that.


    1. Thanks! I marked my take out menu for what to order for next visit based on your recommendations.

      Anyone order anything else there? Their rice platters are extremely reasonably priced.

      I can't wait to go back!

      1. I'd like to add to the request for recs. I partake in all of the above when I go, with some substitutions. This weekend my family will be visiting. I posted a request for lunch(not brunch), anywhere in CC besides Chinatown. After a lack of responses I decided to go to Chinatown and to Lakeside. There will be a 13 yr. old with us but she is pretty open to food. Some non-seafood recs would be good if possible. I'll try to remember everything and report back if there is anything that really hits the spot and hasn't been mentioned. Also, does anyone have any dessert recs down there besides Capogiro?
        PS. Sylvia, Do you remember what the calamari dish was called?

        1. shrimp wonton noodle soup
          dim sum sample platter
          shrimp cheung fun
          oyster pancake

          1. We were wondering, what is in the dim sum sample platter? Also, can you describe the other items that you mentioned (especially the shrimp cheung fun and the oyster pancake). Thanks!

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              i know the sample platter has turnip cakes, shrimp dumplings, i think pork dumplings and maybe some other stuff. shrimp toast maybe?

              shrimp cheung fun is large, wide flat rice noodles wrapped around shrimp. if you're getting steamed shrimp dumplings it might be redundant to get shrimp cheung fun because it's basically the same thing, just in slightly different form. the oyster pancake is basically like a small oyster/scallion omelette that lends itself nicely to being doused with hot sauce.

            2. I wish I had saved our copy of the take-out menu! We gave it to a friend, and now I am not sure what some of the dishes are called.

              The calimari was part of something called triple delight, or crispy delight - something like that. It was posted on the blackboard. From the name, you would have no idea what it was, but ask the server.

              For non-seafood, I suggest the beef/peanut dumplings, the turnip cake (very much like a potato cake, easy to like), any of the rib dishes. The pork dish we had - I think it was honey glazed pork - was thin strips of delicious pork, just like the meat on spareribs without the ribs.

              I didn't list any bun dishes on my recommendations, not because they aren't good but I prefer not to get filled up with so much breadiness. (How's that for a word?)

              It's nice to go with a group; that way, you can taste many things. Everything seems made to order and doesn't take very long, so you can order more of something you like a lot.

              I'll be interested to hear about more good suggestions!

              1. Last night we went again. I am addicted.

                We had:
                meat & peanut dumplings- 5 out of 5. Wonderful steamed dumplings w/peanuts that give them a great crunch and taste. A new favorite.
                pan fried turnip cake- 2.5 out of 5 (good, but not something that I'd HAVE to get)
                Crispy triangle- 3 out of 5 very interesting texture. glad that I tried once.
                Honey roasted pork- 4.5 out of 5. very tender & moist, great flavor.
                1/4 roast duck- 4.5 out of 5 crispy skin and melty flavorful meat.

                The bill was 16.05 and we were stuffed and had leftovers.

                I researched one item on their menu that I hadn't heard about called Horlick. It's a drink like ovaltine, but different. Anyone tried?

                1. I also went yesterday with my Mother, Father, GF, and little sister. Everyone loved it. We had the meat and peanut dumplings(love that dipping sauce), Chinese broccoli, Brisket(missing something flavor-wise but still decent), Honey roasted pork(very good), some other dumplings that I can't quite recall right now, an order of General Tso's for my little sister even though we all ate it. I'll tell you what, I know some frown upon General Tso's because it's "mall food", but this was my favorite dish there. It has been since I started going here too. It's light and airy, the sauce is perfectly sweet and spicy as well. We also had the sesame noodles which were delicious. The only new item I tried was the brisket which I would skip next time. It's so hard to go away from the staples you know are excellent and especially when I was with my family and didn't want anything to be a miss. We also had something that I couldn't understand the nice lady explain. She recommended it and we ate it. It was good, some kind of fried apparatus with shrimp. I didn't try any of the drinks because usually I take a Chinese beer, but this time I didn't and they gave us the traditional tea and water and came right over with a tray of dim sum offerings. Overall everyone was very happy and the total bill for 5 of us to walk away stuffed was $36. Chinatown is great! HAs anyone ever had the sesame jellyfish? Not sure if I am that brave. Curious as to the texture and taste. All I know is I hate looking at the ones that wash up on the beach and couldn't imagine eating one. However, if they are good, I would be willing to try it. And Tracey, as you are addicted, I am too, and I couldn't stop thinking about Lakeside and talking about Lakeside all day. I wanted to try the duck and get more seafood but my GF and sister aren't big seafood eaters unfortunately.

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                    I love general tso's! Some people frown on popular items, but sometimes there is a REASON that they are popular. Also, it is great to get something popular that you know is prepared correctly.

                    The sesame jellyfish! My husband and I have both agreed that we will not venture there. I too have visions of the Jersey shore.

                    I will try the peking duck next time. I saw Sunday morning (tv show) and they talked about how the traditional way to serve peking duck isn't in one course. It is similiar to how Lakeside does it. (Traditional is to serve the skin first, and the meat and pancakes as a second course)

                    I would love to keep up this thread so that we can all get reviews of the dishes there!

                    1. re: Main Line Tracey

                      FYI- if in the mood in the burbs, IIRC Lotus Inn in Valley Forge area has the traditional peking duck courses.

                      So is dim sum at LD at any time of day?

                      1. re: pamd

                        Yes, I recall someone mentioning there may be a $.25 extra charge per dish if it's not during the traditional dim sum hours. 11am-1.

                  2. Can anyone tell me what time the Lakeside Deli closes at night during the week? I want to give it a try.


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                      I believe it is at 8. They are open every day except Thursday.

                        1. We often get a half-peking-duck when my son is with us. the buns are served with the skin. I ask them to substitute a green veggie for the bean sprouts when making the second course, and they usually put in pea pods or broccoli, and it's great. I also like the seafood tofu soup, and the "triple stuffed" which is eggplant, tofu, and green peppers stuffed with shrimp and steamed with black bean sauce. I thought it was Tuesday they were closed.

                          1. well I finally tried it recently! had a great, fresh meal. I really have not liked Dim Sum at other restaurants, but I really liked Lakeside. Great that you can order off a menu to your liking. The dumplings were great (meat/peanut & pan fried veggie). Also really enjoyed the pork buns & custard buns, much better than others I've tried. I enjoyed the spicy beef satay & the sauce. also had calamari (which was a bit different), honey roast pork, & wonton soup. we will definitely be back. I just wish they had a real highchair for my son. BTW, the waitress recommended the beef rice roll for him & it was a perfect suggestion- very soft beef & outside (he's 1), incase anyone else goes with little ones.

                            and I think it is Thursday they are closed.

                            1. It's Thursday they're closed, not Tuesday.

                              1. I was very pleased to see Lakeside on Craig LeBan's list of Philly area favs. Quite a diverse list of restaurants. A true chowhound!