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So hypothetically, you're moving from Boston to Atlanta

and you want to eat as much of the Best of Boston as possible before then; let's say by the first week of October. Also imagine you're not on the largest budget in the world, so you would prefer to seek out certain single (or perhaps two) dishes, appetizers or mains (no desserts please), what would those be?

Exclude any foods you know, or imagine, are already readily available in Atlanta (ie burger, typical American comfort food, etc).

See like immediately I would think Taiwan Cafe's beef and poblanos, peking duck at KF, bahn mi at Mix, cubano at Chez Henri, foie gras with duck confit as Mistral, etc. But Boston signature dish suggestions (ie Lock Ober, #9, etc) are welcome as well.

What say you Hounds?

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  1. Dax! It's hypothetical, right????????

    Some quick thoughts (and my favorites):
    -a dozen oysters at B & G (and/or the raw bar at Union Oyster House)
    -tuna spring rolls at Pho Republique
    -Speed's hot dog (is he still out there?)
    -Chacacero sandwich
    -Silvertone Mac & Cheese
    -Chicken parm sub at Il Panino
    -takeout lobster from J Hook (will they cook it for you? If not, have 'em do it at Morse Fish)
    -A pizza from Regina (of course) well done
    -roast chicken at Hammersly's
    -An order of the Kung Pao chicken at East Asia, Powderhouse Sq, Somerville
    I'm sure there are more, I'll keep thinking.

    But hypothetical, right???????????????????????????????

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    1. re: twentyoystahs

      Speed IS out there -- had one yesterday.

      Has anyone mentioned tuna tacos at East Coast Grill? As well as a wet bone or two. Those would be on my list.

      1. re: twentyoystahs

        Not very hypothetical at this point.

      2. I would do oysters and one other dish at each of these places: Neptune, B&G, ECG.

        Lobster, whether at a shack or even at home. (Can't get the deals in the supermarket down there that you can find here. Well, as of 12 years ago you couldn't; maybe that's changed (doubtful).)

        Lobster stew and indian pudding at Locke Ober.

        EDIT: Don't forget your favorite lobster roll!

        (Chez Henri's sandwich is its own animal, but be pleased that for average, round-the-corner type places, you can much more easily find good Cuban sandwiches in Atlanta than you can in Boston.)

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        1. re: Alcachofa

          Same with good Latin food on Buford Highway from what I hear, but that doesn't mean I won't be getting a torta from Lupita before I (hypothetically) move (soon).

        2. I'd do:
          No. 9's prune gnocchi
          all the pret a manger dishes and fried mussels at Oleana
          one last round of oysters and rose at Neptune
          one last round of calamari at Daily Catch
          turkey hash at Charlie's S.S.
          one blow-out round-up of cheeses at Formaggio Kitchen
          a drink at Oak Bar; another at the old Ritz bar
          maybe even prime rib at Durgin Park...

          Though the very thought of having any of the above for the last time makes me well up!

          1. were it me, before i left i'd have to eat:

            a demet's donut
            a tacos al pastor combo plate at tacos lupita
            a homemade sausage sandwich at the greek corner
            a lobster roll at hook
            the empress clams at gourmet seafood
            some oysters at the raw bar at neptune
            a pork bun at hing shing
            the jajangmyeon (sp?) noodles at hometown
            some taiwanese dim sum at shangri-la
            a ham and cheese biscuit from petsi's
            some dumplings at wing's
            the shredded pork with dried bean curd at qingdao
            a marinated pork loin sandwich at o cantinho
            some sort of ice cream at christina's

            and lastly, i'd take a final trip to formaggio's and weep profusely as i bid goodbye to all that amazing meat and cheese
            that i spoil myself with on a weekly basis.

            (aside: i'm sure hoping this is REALLY a hypothetical question as well....)

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            1. re: passing thru

              yumyum just reminded me that i'd sure need to head to the clam box for some big bellied clams, too.

            2. Well, hypothetically, if there was a nice warm day between now and then, one might drive up to Essex seafood and get some clams. Or Farnhams. Or one might decide to go for the more quintessential experience and get to Kelley's on Revere Beach.

              Pizzeria Regina. When they are on, they are really really on. Had a great sausage pie, well done last week, and it beat the last one I had at Santarpio's. OTOH, you can't get the lamb and sausage at Regina's. I guess you would have to do both to be fair.

              And although I've never been there so I am breaking my own rule of not recommending a place I've not visited, I think Locke-Ober should be on your list. Perhaps just for the JFK lobster stew. I feel that you can't get more Boston that that.


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              1. re: yumyum

                The JFK Lobster Stew at Locke Ober is amazing. And it's huge so you can easily share it.

                I would also add salted fried squid from Peach Farm

                Dumplings from Wang's Fast Food or Qing Dao Garden

                The ground pork and hot pepper dish from Floating Rock

                And, if you can stay until the end of October, East Coast Grill is having Hell night from 10/30 - 11/1.

                1. re: beetlebug

                  My god, Tiger's Tears from Floating Rock as well. Honestly Dax, not sure how you can even *consider* living more than 1 hour away from Tiger's Tears.

                  Not sure if you're a sweets guy, but now that the weather's a little colder, I'd add Burdick's hot chocolate to the list.

                2. re: yumyum

                  Is Locke-Ober the type of place one can just stroll in and get a seat/bowl of stew at the bar without a long wait? Like outside of 7-9 PM?

                  1. re: Dax

                    Dunno -- I've never been. But it seems like the kind of place where sitting at the bar would make it less stuffy. Hopefully someone else can give more details.

                    1. re: Dax

                      wouldn't be a problem at all

                    2. re: yumyum

                      I'd agree with Locke Ober and since you like the oysters at Union Oyster House, one last time for that. And prime rib and Indian pudding at Durgin Park. I agree with a clam shack run but it really should be some place with the ocean close by. Clams were decent at Top Dog in Rockport and there's that lobster in the rough place whose name I always forget. And Kelly's is good for a lobster or crabmeat roll (on the beach). I agree with some Portugese food before you go. A drink at the Top of the Hub (and the Oak Room and the bar at the Parker House). A favorite or two in the north end, you won't see that in Atlanta for sure. The Franklin. Hopefully El Oriental de Cuba will reopen before you go.

                    3. I'd have to add Braised Short Ribs and Gnocchi from Grotto and a white coffee frappe from JP Licks.

                      1. More:

                        -An egg, bacon and cheese sandwich (on english muffin) at Charlie's sandwich shop. Not something you hear a lot about there, but really good. Also a side order of french toast, for something sweet.
                        -Speaking of sweet, burnt caramel ice cream at Toscanini's, without a doubt.
                        -DEFINITELY the tuna tacos and more oysters from East Coast Grill, sit at the bar and order up some nice cold local beer on tap.
                        -Then, since you are in the 'hood, a cup of malted vanilla ice cream w/fudge from Christina's.

                        1. Prime Rib, Clam Chowder and Indian Pudding at Durgin Park
                          Fish Chowder and Fried belly clams at NoName
                          Hot and Sour Soup and Roast half duck at Peach Farm
                          chocolate moose ice cream at Herrell's
                          Clam Fritters and/or fried belly clams at Tony's Clam shack in Wollaston
                          Dim Sum at Hei La Moon
                          Kitfo at Addis Red Sea

                          1. Dax,
                            I'm a native Bostonian but lived in Atlanta from 90-97....will be visiting for the first time since in a couple of weeks. Here are my recollections:

                            Overall, the food in Atlanta is FAR BETTER than most things you will get in Boston. However, there are some noted exceptions. I would get my fix in these things:

                            Decent pizza
                            Your favorite seafood shack
                            Classic red sauce Italian joints
                            Oven Grinders (they don't understand what "peppers" on a sub really means..they give you raw!!!)

                            That said, you will find awesome Szechuan and latin food there (both out Buford Hwy, as well as Peachtree Chamblee), as well as many, many great upscale restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines. You will have BBQ available that hands down kills even Blue Ribbon (check out Fat Matt's on Piedmont....great blues nightly along with your ribs and beans made with rum!). I just can't tell you how many friends/relatives visited us and were blown away by the food.

                            1. mmmm fat matt's...the name alone is enough to make me wanna eat there.mmmmm...

                              1. I would probably spend a couple of days walking around the city going to sentimental favorites, stopping for lunch, dinner, and snacks/drinks, plotting out where to stop as you walk (the weather sure is beautiful for this). Lobster, fish, oysters, clams, and a variety of wine, would be what I'd head for.

                                1. Thanks for all of the recommendations folks!

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                                  1. re: Dax

                                    Have you ran out of Boston women to woo with your Georgian drawl? I heard the Hot-lanta ratio of female-to-male is skewed ridiculously towards men, so there's hope for you down there.

                                    That said, fried clams from Clam Box in Ipswich. Lobster roll from any of the usual suspects. Also, Brazilian/Portuguese food. You'll never find it as good anywhere else (other than, duh, Brazil or Portugal).

                                    1. re: joypirate

                                      Unchowish confession: I don't like big-bellied clams. Their stomachs creep me out, kind of like those giganormous oysters at Peach Farm.

                                      Must get back to O Cantinho and try the place yumyum posts about on occasion.

                                      1. re: Dax

                                        That's two un-chowish confessions this week. What, now you're leaving you can tell us what you really like to eat?

                                        I'm not sure I'd put J&J on my short list of places to try before leaving town. Maybe if it was an old favorite you'd want to revisit it for sentimental reasons. It's good, maybe even very good. And it's cheap. But I think if you do O Cantinho you'll have covered the portuguese line item on your list. I'd hit Lupita's twice instead. :-)

                                        1. re: yumyum

                                          I was only able to eat Regina's this weekend, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

                                  2. Just focus on New England seafood, like clams, lobster rolls, chowder. Then on Italian, maybe Regina's and some north end pastas. Locke Ober for the experience. And finally portuguese.

                                    The other stuff people have listed have reasonable equivs down here.

                                    Are you getting the 'big house' here ? That is the really the only thing that NE peeps like about moving here, and they LOVE the nation's highest average communte (33 miles 1 way) to get to the big house......

                                    1. Oh, Nooooooooooo!

                                      I'd drive to Antonio's in New Bedford for kale soup with that soft portuguese bread, plus whatever else were to strike my fancy.

                                      I'd also have multiple visits to Chez Henri, Lupita's & Mix, plus LOTS of lobster rolls and pizza, but don't forget some good subs! Top of my list would be the good ol' Italian sub with everything on it. Maybe from Vinny's Superette? And you MUST have a veal parm sub from Victor's in Ball Square at least once, or go with a partner in crime and get veal and eggplant so you can share.

                                      1. I've been away from Boston for a few months now, here's what I miss most (at least at the moment, since I haven't fully explored options here yet....also keep in mind that I am in San Francisco now, not in Atlanta).

                                        Vegetarian leek dumplings from Wang's

                                        East Coast Grill (even though I think I've only eaten there once in my life)

                                        Pasteis de nata and fava beans at O Cantinho

                                        Toscanini's, Herrells, JP Licks, etc.

                                        Italian subs (see response above this one)

                                        Shwarma at Reef Cafe in Allston

                                        That's all I can think of at the moment....sorry to hear you are hypothetically moving. But if I ever hypothetically go to Atlanta, I'll know who to hypothetically ask about what to eat!

                                        Dave MP

                                        P.S./EDIT: Sorry I included desserts, didn't follow the directions :)

                                        1. Some things to add to the already great list above:

                                          Mezze at Brookline Family Turkish Restaurant or Sultan's Kitchen
                                          Lion's Head Meatballs at Wing's Kitchen
                                          Pan fried buns and Pearl Meatballs at New Shanghai
                                          Alaskan king crab at Jumbo (expensive but good)
                                          Monkfish marsala with a side of squid ink pasta aglio olio at The Daily Catch (North End)
                                          A warm from the oven sfogliatelle (get there in the morning) at Napoli Pastry
                                          Mysore chilli chicken at Tamarind Bay
                                          Gujarati Thali at Namaskar
                                          Misti Dol (caramelized milk yogurt) at Royal India/Royal Bengal
                                          Alfajores from Rincon Limeno
                                          Dinner at Zafferano
                                          Spring rolls at Saigon sandwich
                                          Rendang at Spice King
                                          Satay at Aneka Rasa
                                          Moqueca at Muqueca
                                          Taiwanese at Mulan, see some of the recent threads
                                          Corner slice at Pinocchio's
                                          Ramen at Ken's Ramen
                                          Crispy sesame shrimp rolls at Dim Sum Chef
                                          Hotpot at Little Q (a bit of a trek but v good)

                                          Apples, corn, blueberries, maple syrup. Too bad Maine uni won't be in season for a couple of months (~Dec); ditto Nantucket Bay scallops.

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                                          1. re: limster

                                            Hi Limster -- great additions to the list (Dax has a LOT of eating to do), but why would you recommend Alaskan crab as a leaving Boston dish? Is the way Jumbo prepares it outstanding?

                                            But your last line also reminds me ... when is Maine shrimp season? Mmmmm....

                                            1. re: yumyum

                                              Shrimp started mid-December last year.

                                              1. re: yumyum

                                                I was wondering that too, for the most part I only see frozen Alaskan crab legs.

                                                1. re: yumyum

                                                  We had the crab live, done 2 ways - fried and steamed. I had no complaints. :)

                                                2. re: limster

                                                  Forgot to mention chicken liver crostini and tripe at Trattoria Toscana.

                                                3. Everyone's lists are great. I'd just add perhaps a forray into apple picking up at Cider Hill or something similar (maybe after the clam box?) or buying some blueberries, corn or squash. I'd add a big ass tub of maple syrup, seafood and a cold wind that you will NOT miss in Atlanta. I'm not sure if I'd put all of the above together, though.

                                                  Here's my hypothetical good-bye!

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                                                  1. re: gini

                                                    Believe me, there is plenty of cold wind in Atlanta.....they actually get a real, but tolerable, winter. Very amusing each year, though, when they get their 1/2 inch snow and the city shuts down. During the 1993 (?) March superstorm, they actually got 10 inches.....city was closed over 4 days! Overall, though, the food is outstanding and in many cases better than here. Dax will be fine, but missed!

                                                    1. re: gini

                                                      I am definitely moving next week. Hmmmm so much to eat before then ... Regina's is down, Taiwan Cafe is scheduled (tentatively), as well as Oleana, maybe Locke-Ober for a quick bite, and O Cantinho. Running out of time and belly room.

                                                      1. re: Dax

                                                        Damn, we'll miss you! I look to you for barbecue know-how!

                                                    2. Science Chick is right--lots of good food in Atlanta. I lived in the South for three years before moving here. In fact, before my wife and I moved here we had our choices of places to live narrowed down to two--here and Atlanta. We chose here. But we did visit Atlanta some, and we found lots of good places to eat.

                                                      Two things I don't think you will find in Atlanta: fried clams (although maybe clam strips), and lobster rolls. Other good seafood, sure, but not these two items. At least not so far as I know.

                                                      1. in the spirit of dave mp's post, things i miss most after moving a few years ago (and that i try to get at least one of when i visit)
                                                        mac and cheese at silvertones
                                                        the troquet sandwich at parish (veal cheek banh mi)
                                                        cuban at chez
                                                        gouda skillet at b side
                                                        fish tacos at el pelon
                                                        glass of salmon billecarte rose and some sort of sashimi at troquet
                                                        tuna tacos at ecg
                                                        woodford's...anything. a big pitcher of beer and some fried goodness.
                                                        salt and pepper shrimp at jumbo
                                                        brunch at the blue room
                                                        jfk stew at locke ober
                                                        oysters at UOH, b and g
                                                        agree a million times over with formaggio... that's probably what i miss the most, without question
                                                        martini at oak bar
                                                        mussels/chicken fricasee at central

                                                        it's an interesting move from boston back to the south after you've been in boston for awhile... although atlanta won't be quite the culture shock that chapel hill was initially.

                                                        1. Everything at Formaggio Kitchen
                                                          Chicken kabab (among many dishes) at Helmand
                                                          Fenugreek trout (among many dishes) at Tamarind Bay
                                                          Pizza at Galeria Umberto
                                                          Tamales at Tacos Lupito
                                                          Sauteed octopus at Tu y Yo
                                                          Sashimi platter at Oishii
                                                          Burrito from El Pelon
                                                          Falafel sandwich from Rami's
                                                          Chicken sandwich from Chacarero

                                                          1. Suan la Chow Show at Mary Chungs in central square (cambridge)