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Sunday lunch (not brunch) for 5 anywhere in CC but Chinatown

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I will be hosting the fam this Sunday and would like to take them to an informal, moderatley priced lunch after walking the city. I did a search on "Sundays" but didn't turn up too much good info. Any cuisine is fine with a preference for Italian. Thanks.

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  1. Don't know where in Center City you'll be, but if you're near the historic stuff (Liberty Bell, Constitution Center. etc.), Jones (700 Chestnut)is fun for lunch.

    1. Well, The fam came on Saturday instead of Sunday and we ended up going to Lakeside due to a lack of responses on here. Now I have a question I could really use help with. My GF's family is coming this Sunday for her BDay and there will be 8 of us total. Same deal, lunch not brunch and we are looking for something East of Broad. Price doesn't matter. Good decor and of course good food are the only criteria, we would like to really "wow" them all around. Thanks for your help.

      1. East of Broad? West would be easy. How about Amada? Saturday lunch might be the problem. Not too many places open. How about Positano Coast. I love it there. Why not Marra's for TRUE Italian? Really, if price is no matter, why dont you all take a cab and go to Lacroix or Four Seasons? Or even the Fairmount Water Works Resturant.

        1. Thought about Amada, doesn't look like they're open early enough, which is the problem we keep running into. I cross referenced Zagat's with Chowhound, researched the net, etc. This is a tough one due to the date, time, and non-brunch thing. Positano Coast would be good but I think they have a lack of non-seafood fare. Any other recs?

          1. Brasserie Perrier is open for Saturday lunch. So is Le Bar Lyonnais, I think, but it seems like a tight space--anyone know if they could accommodate a table for 8?

            1. Why the lunch not brunch requirement? Most of the good places are open for sunday brunch which is usually a choice of breakfast OR lunch items. We had a very nice "brunch" at fork. I had a great entree salad, some had sandwiches and a few had omelettes. It was very good. They can accomodate large parties.

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                Oh boy...you are a much more thorough reader than the rest of us! Tonyjlive DID say Sunday, and I second your suggestion of Fork.

                I'd also like to recommend Bar Ferdinand in Northern Liberties--recently open for lunch/brunch. Not far from CC at all, and well worth the extra bit of distance.

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                  The lunch requirement is in there because this will most likely be everyone's dinner even though we will be eating around 2. We have a vegetarian, some meat and seafood lovers and were looking for a good sized menu with some dinnerish offerings such as steak frites and other things. Brunch tends to have a few pork, chciken, and maybe a steak option but too many egg and other non-dinnerish offerings. I may be too picky on this one but entertaining 7 people isn't the easiest task on a Sunday afternoon.

                2. Well, It's looking like we will do Cuba Libre for brunch after all. They seem to have a good size menu which will be good as there will be 9 of us and the girls tend to be picky. Are there any great dishes I should be aware of or any that I should stay away from? Thanks.