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Sep 21, 2006 12:50 PM

PV, Mazatlan and Cabo chow ideas..

Hi there fellow Chowhounds!.. were off this Sunday to the Mexican Riviera on a cruise. Im wondering if anyone has any suggestions for places while we are away? Seems like many places are still closed for off season.

Wed, 8am-10pm Puerto Vallarta

Thursday, 9am-6pm Mazatlan

Friday, 7am-4pm Cabo San Lucas


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  1. There are plenty of Cabo posts. However, most are oriented toward dinner rather than breakfast & lunch. Hopefully, though, you will find some good ideas.

    1. Found some great stuff in all the ports.. Cabo was very good though took some leg work to get away from all the typical USA corporate traps on the main drag.. Mi Casa was where we ended up and it was fantastic!